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A Collection of Tips for the Disneyland Half Marathon | runDisney

Now that there’s only seven more days … SEVEN MORE DAYS, as in ONE WEEK until the Disneyland Half Marathon, I’m even more excited then I was three weeks ago!

Of course, I’m nowhere near ready after spending most of the summer renovating an Ocean City fixer-upper with my husband and then enjoying a nice, long vacation this August. (I chat about my OC running adventures in this video.) So now I’m in a mad rush to put together my race costumes, get caught up with a TON of work, finish a massive to-do list, pack for California, and do research about the Disneyland Half Marathon and write a tips blog post before heading back to the beach for one last renovation weekend.

A Collection of Disneyland Half Marathon Tips & More

In other words … there ain’t no way I can do everything. Something needs to be crossed out. Like:

Write a Disneyland Half Tips blog post.

Besides, I’ve seen some amazing posts written by other bloggers about the Disneyland Half and Dumbo Double Dare. So I’m going to save myself some time (and sanity) by sharing them for the benefit of anyone else who’s also buried in pre-race to-do’s!

Why I Run Disney: Disneyland Half Marathon Event Guides and Corrals are here!

Casual-Runner: runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon & Dumbo Double Dare Preview & Tips

Go Jo Runner: 7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Disneyland Half Marathon / 10K / 5K

My No-Guilt Life: 2016 Disneyland Half Marathon Corrals, Waivers, Maps, and more!

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And speaking of costumes, I also found some fun posts about other bloggers costume plans!

Run All The Races: Disneyland Half Marathon Costume Review

Bad Wolf Bunch: Putting Together a Running Costume

Now it’s time for me to get out the craft scissors and get to work on my own costumes. I’m most excited about our Country Bears 5k ones because they involve these socks!!

Disneyland Half Marathon Tips

QOTD: Are you going to be at the Disneyland Half Marathon? Awesome, be sure to follow us on Twitter in case we can meet up. We love making new friends!

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