Tips for Staying Organized during your Racecation or runDisney Trip
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Organizing your Hotel Room for a Racecation or runDisney Races

Are you gearing up for a fun racecation or runDisney trip? Awesome, you’re going to have a blast! As someone who has gone on many racecations … most of which where I shared a hotel room with other runners, I know how important it is to stay organized. Not only does this eleminate stress, it also gets you out the door and onto your run sooner!

So here’s a Vlogtober video with tips and tools for keeping your room nice and organized as well as links for most of the products mentioned. Also, if you’d like some tips on what to pack for a racecation or runDisney trip, be sure to go to this blog post for a printable packing list or watch my runDisney Packing Tips video. Enjoy!

Tips for Staying Organized during your Racecation or runDisney Trip

Enjoy and if you have any other organization tips or favorite tools, please share them in the comments below!

*Please note that all Amazon links are affiliate ones. This does not cost you more but does give me a small commission.

Packing Cubes

If you follow only one of my tips, this is it! Packing cubes are an amazing way to keep your items separated and easily within reach. They’re especially great if drawer space is limited and you must live out of your suitcases!

I took this one step farther by purchasing two sets of packing cubes, one for day to day clothing and the other for running gear. This makes items easy to find!

Hanging Shoe Organizer

I have been using an inexpensive shoe organizer purchased from Wal-Mart for many runDisney race weekends, and it’s just fantastic! With all the many compartments, it makes is so easy to store and quick find things like ponchos, umbrellas, sewing kits, snacks, running fuel, and so much more.

I’ll also use one compartment for each race, storing whatever I need to pack in my race belt or smaller costume supplies.

Oh, and speaking of costumes…

Gallon-Sized Baggies

By storing each race outfit or costume in a gallon-sized bag, (or several bags,) you’ll make laying out your clothes pre-race a lot easier! Plus, for those who are flying, it’s always a good idea to place at least one outfit and shoes in your carry-on, so this keeps things nice and tidy.

Hanging Sweater Organizer

Jackey has also used an inexpensive hanging sweater organizer before. This was great for the Dopey Challenge since there are six compartments and you can use four for each race and the other two for extras.

Garment Travel Organizer

Another favorite item that Jackey used for the Disneyland Half Marathon is this garment travel organizer. With packing cubes on one side and plenty of room to hang clothing and dresses on the other side – still on the hanger, it made unpacking a breeze!

Toiletry Bag

I’ve come to deeply love my Vera Bradley toiletry bag with its roomy sections and pretty material! It’s also quite durable … after a disastrous leaky hair oil situation, it took around thirty washes to get it clean and it held up beautifully!

But any kind of toiletry bag that can hang from a rail or hook can help keep your bathroom area organized and neat.

I also use a separate plastic bag for items to be used in the shower. That way, while unpacking, all I have to do is take that bag to the shower and I’m done!

For those of you who love using bath poofs, another great tip is using a suction cup to hang them in the shower. You can find them super cheap at the dollar store!

Tote Organizer

My absolute favorite packing tool has got to be my tote organizer! Just look at all those nooks and crannies! There’s plenty of compartments, including a large one in the middle and two zippered on the sides. This gives you lots of room for storing everything from race nutrition to medicines to disposable ponchos. Love this!

Multi-Outlet Strip 

Lord knows us runners have lots of things to charge at night between our Garmins to wireless ear buds to spare battery chargers. A multi-outlet strip makes this super easy! And also ends the battle for outlets when multiple runners share a room.

Another good idea is to bring an extension cord! That way, you can charge your phone while relaxing in bed surfing social media.

So there you go, the many products and tools that I use to keep my hotel or resort room organized while on racecations or runDisney trips. I hope this was helpful and if you have any more tips to share, please leave them in the comments below!

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