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This website, the Joyful Miles YouTube channel, and the Joyful Miles Podcast are on permanent hiatus, but I will be checking in for new comments and you can listen to archived episodes until October 2023. I will also be launching a brand-new blog focusing on fitness, lifestyle, dealing with menopause, (argh,) and the beauty of reinvention in November 2023. Please check back then for links and again, for those who have listened, reviewed, and shared in the past, THANK YOU, you are greatly appreciated, and as always, have a joyful day!


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for your post about your own Plantar Plate Tear. I suffered this injury to my left foot – abruptly – while doing a step aerobic class in late April, 2022. I thought I merely “overdid” it. That same morning I flew to Ft. Myers FL with my husband for a quick get away. I was completely unable to even walk with the injury. And I couldn’t buy relief from the pain and swelling.

    I knew something was seriously wrong.
    My own wonderful, busy Podiatrist was unable to see me for 3 months. I knew my injury was bad and I had to be seen pronto so I met with a well respected Top Doc. He did a lot of conservative treatments. His office fit me for orthotics. He injected steroids into my second toe at the “hump”. He did an MRI of my foot but said the technician couldn’t see clearly through all the effusion. My foot was FAT!
    I had swelling in the ball of my left foot from April all the way through to December, 2022. I allowed this doc to treat me. He had me coming back to his office every four weeks. But he wasn’t helping me. I finally saw my own wonderful Podiatrist in January of 2023 and he ordered another MRI and Wha la! What do ya know? There it was! A Plantar Plate Tear. All along. And I had suffered needlessly for months. I am an active woman. A very active woman. And I was side-lined for many months which led to a brutal case of depression. My doc said he could repair the tear and correct the extremely painful hump that developed on my second toe. I put it off to the fall. Now I’m back to running, step aerobics and miles long walks. My second toe looks hideous. But it hasn’t drifted from it’s alignment much. And I’m pretty much able to do what I want without extreme pain. So surgery is undecided at this moment. I may. I may not.
    Yours was the only blog that helped my troubled mind. You explained what happened to you and helped me relate to your injury. I can’t thank you enough. It is because of your blog that I persisted until I found the true diagnosis. So again, thank you.
    I’m sorry to see your Joyfulmiles blog is no longer active, but I hope you are enjoying many miles long pain-free runs. And I hope that I will also return to my former activity level before long.
    All the best to you,

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