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runDisney and the Sun: How to protect your skin!

Okay, runDisney Princess Half Marathon runners, you’ve done your training. You’ve finished your costumes, (unless you’re a procrastinator like me.) You’re ready to run, but what about the sun? Do you have a game plan to protect your skin?

Hey, friends, it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’ve missed you! And those of you who know me well, know that I’m a stickler for sunscreen. So seeing as how the weather might be a tad warm next weekend, I’m popping in to share skin protection tips, runDisney style!

I’m keeping things simple and quick, but if you’d like more about UV rays, the differences between physical and mineral sunscreens, and my favorite products, watch this video!

(I really need to get a better thumbnail, LOL!)

Before diving in, if you’d like to see all my favorite sun protection products such as sunscreens, sunbrellas, UV clothing, be sure to check out my Amazon storefront!

All Amazon links are affiliate ones. This doesn’t cost you more, but does help me pay for yearly website and podcast fees!

On with the tips!

1.) Watch the Acids

A few days out, I stop using my acid-based serums and lotions like Lactic Acids and peels that make your skin more photosensitive to the sun. In the above video, I mentioned how I also discontinue using Retin-A, but I’ve since discovered that it can actually help protect your skin as does Vitamin C serums!

But if you’re just starting a Retin-A or similar product that can cause irritation, I’d hold off until after your trip.

2.) UV Yourself!

For half and full marathons, I always wear arm sleeves with UV protection as a way to not only add some color to my costume but protect my arms that have received significant sun damage! BONUS: Some also have an amazing cooling effect that will feel great during a hot race!

Here what I’m wearing above.

3.) Girl or Guy, Wash your Face!

Be sure to remove residue from your nightly skincare routine so your sunscreen will penetrate better. I take this one step further by skipping my AM serums and lotions, going for straight sunscreen instead! Speaking of which…

4.) Slather Thyself

The first thing I do when getting ready is put on sunscreen. Yes, the sun won’t be up for hours, but a healthy layer will give you something to build upon later!

And for my friends who wear makeup … keep in mind that the avobenzone found in some liquid foundations with SPF doesn’t play nice with zinc and titanium dioxide. So if you’re using mineral sunscreen, be sure to not use makeup with physical sunscreen ingredients.

5.) I wear my sunglasses at 3:00 am

Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses! You’ll be thankful at around Mile 10 when that sun hits you full force. Just don’t make the same mistake as me during the 2020 Princess Half by dropping them in the port-o-pot. Argh.

I also wear a Sparkle Athletic costume-coordinated visor for marathons or extra-sunny halves! They’re a lifesaver for both sweat and sun!

6.) Double Dose

For 5k and 10k’s, I don’t worry about adding a second layer of sunscreen pre-race. For half and full marathons, however, I do add another coat of spray sunscreen on exposed areas right before checking my bag. Bringing wipes helps to remove residue from my hands as well!

7.) Pack a Sample

For the full marathon, I will either arrange with a spectator to hold some spray sunscreen for me, (hello, Stephen!) or I’ll pack a travel-sized can in my race belt. I’m not a huge fan of sprays, but they’re faster to apply than lotions. Target sells travel-sized Banana Boat Ultra 30SPF which are perfect!

7b.) Or Stop by a Medical Tent!

ETA: Kate O’Malley offered another excellent suggestion on Instagram! During the full marathon in January, she stopped at a medical tent right before the sun came up where they have sunscreen on hand for runners! She then stopped as often as needed. Thanks for the tip, Kate!

Take note, however, that there’s no guarantee they will have sunscreen during the Princess Half Marathon, so don’t rely on this as your only sun defense.

8.) Post-Race Reapply

You finished the race … CONGRATULATIONS! Now it’s time to celebrate by hanging out with friends, getting your “I Did It” and other photos, and, if you’re like me, drinking a beer! Or two! Just don’t forget to reapply more sunscreen before the celebration!

And for my makeup-wearing friends, I always bring an older tube of brush-on mineral sunscreen to protect my face! Just be sure to hold your breath while applying to avoid breathing in any dust. Color Science UV 50 is my favorite for the parks and everyday use, but a less expensive option is DERMA E Sun Protection Mineral Powder SPF 30.

9.) You can stand under my Sunbrella

Okay, laugh if you will, but throwing an umbrella or sunbrella in your gEar bag will make hanging out after the race in hot weather so much more enjoyable! Bonus if you can find a dear friend like Jay who offers to hold it while you drink a beer. 😍

This sunbrella is my absolute favorite … it lowers the temperature by around ten degrees and it’s small enough to take into the parks as well!

10.) Recover your Skin

Your skin is gonna go through a lot! Wake up. Wash. Sunscreen. Makeup. Sweat. Wash. Another round of makeup. Wash. After three days of this cycle, (or four for the Dopey Challenge,) my sensitive skin is feeling quite ouchy! So I always pack a moisturizing mask as well as other products such as Derma-E. It’s made for eczema, but when I put it on my face and chest at night, my skin is brand-new the next morning!

There you have it, my best tips for protecting your skin from the sun during your next runDisney race! My apologies for not getting this post written sooner in case you’d like to order Amazon products that won’t arrive in time! I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog. 😉

I hope you have an AMAZING time at the Princess Half Marathon! And if you see me, be sure to say hello! I’ll have sunscreen on me if you need any. 😍

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