Running Costume Tutorials and Tips!

I’ve worn many, MANY running costumes over the past years … some complicated, some a piece of cake! So if you’re looking for some inspiration and tips, I’m starting a series of costume tutorials. Here’s hoping I get to wear many more and add to the collection!

Costume Tutorials

How to Make Minnie Ears

A big part of many of our running costumes are coordinating Minnie ears! Buying them from Etsy or Disney can be expensive so I make my own from sparkle craft foam. To learn how to make some, go to this blog post or watch this video!

DIY No-Sew Medal Holders

This doesn’t exactly qualify under costumes, but in case you’re also interested in making a no-sew, inexpensive medal holder out of fleece, here’s my video tutorial!

Running Costume Tip Posts and Videos