French Gals & Guys Group Running Costumes: Joyful Miles
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French Gals & Guys Group Running Costume: Wine & Dine Half Marathon!

Hey Joyful Milers, looking to add a little oo-la-la to your Wine & Dine Half Marathon experience? Oui? Awesome, then join us in our first large Joyful Miles group costume as French Gals & Guys!

The costume is easy to customize … white and black striped shirt, black bottoms, a beret and neck scarf. Toss in some black suspenders if you want some extra pop. (We’re skipping since they won’t work with our tank tops and they might be too fussy.) Jackey found hilarious fake French Breads but I worry she might bop Leslie and me in the head with them, LOL. (Even she admits the temptation would be too great.) Add in some red lipstick, chic sunglasses, and voilà, très merveilleux!

Now, we encourage you to wear whatever is comfortable and makes you feel good during the race, whether it’s shorts, capris, tanks, short-sleeves, whatever. But if you’re curious about what we’re wearing, here’s some links and suggestions!

All Amazon links are affiliate ones – this won’t cost you more, but does give me a small commission. Full product names are in the descriptions below.

Our Costume Pieces:

Brooks Pick-Me-Up Tank Top

We decided to go with this tank top by Brooks via Rei Outlets rather than short or three-quarter sleeves in case the temp are high. It’s very comfortable would actually look nice as casual wear! I went with the small … it’s a little long on me but will be tucked in the skirt. This tank is discontinued so XS and Small aren’t available. (I’m hoping those of you in JMRC has already grabbed yours.) But the rest of the sizes are on sale for $20.00!

I might actually grab a black one for future races…

Black Skater Skirt

Just like with our USO costumes, we’re going with a black skater skirt with our shirts tucked in. I tried other skirts, (like this MBJ WB211 Womens Basic Versatile Stretchy Skirt,) but I like the texture of the Moxeay Women’s Basic A-Line Pleated Circle Skirt plus it lays better. I will have to hem mine about 1-2″ though because it’s a little long. I’ll be sure to update this post with the results of that.

Black Beret

I did my research and ordered three different berets from Amazon due to my quest to find the best one! (Oh, how I love free shipping and returns.) This Kangaroo Wool Black Beret Hat – French Beret might not be the best option for every day use, but it’s great for a running costume! There’s less bulk and it’s smaller, so <<fingers crossed>> it won’t look floppy or distorted in running Photopass pictures.

It does fit snug on me, (my head measures approximately 22″ around,) but not uncomfortably and means it won’t need to be pinned down. (I’ll tuck some bobby pins in my shorts pocket, though, just in case.)

If you’d like a larger fit, then try this NYFASHION101 French Style Beret since it has the same dookie on the top. (I know “dookie” isn’t the right word, but let’s go with that for now.)

Red Neck Scarf

I tried two different styles on Amazon, and this Red Scarf 50’s is the one we prefer since the color is more vibrant! It’s 26″ x 26″ and tying it just right has been a bit tricky, but we’ll figure it out. Definitely will take some playing around with!

If you want a shorter option, this Sheer Chiffon Scarf Vintage Style Accessory scarf is nice, although it’s more of a brick red that won’t pop as much.

Guys, if you don’t want chiffon, this Satinior Chiffon Scarf Square Handkerchief might work. It’s quite shiny but the price is right and there’s free returns. 😉 Let me know if you find something else and I’ll add the link!


We did play around with fun, cat-eye sunglasses like these Pro Acme Vintage Inspired Mod Sunglasses, but …. yeah. They didn’t work for me. At all. I also ordered the new Breakfast Run at Tiffany’s Goodr glasses, but while they are growing on me, I can’t say I love them and the color blends in with the hat too much.

French Gals Running Costume

(Ignore the messy hair … this is after trying on many berets.)

So since Leslie, Jackey and I each have these Retro Optic Classic 80’s Vintage Style Sunglasses, (thank you, Leslie!) we might just stick with them to save some money. Black, red, or no sunglasses will work just fine or hey, here’s some Largemouth MOD Style Oval Sunglasses if you want to go all out!

Beyond that, I might wear black compression socks so my legs will feel better for the after party. And again, I want to emphasize that the above items are suggestions only, since many of you were curious about what we are wearing. Feel free to make this costume as your own and most importantly, be comfortable!

Oh, and here’s those fake French bread loaves. Just don’t bop anybody in the head with them!

And don’t forget … we will be having a joint meet-up with Heather Jergensen and Gerald Resnic from RezRuns on Sunday, November 5th before the after party near Mouse Gears in Epcot’s Future World! We haven’t yet finalized an official group time, but Jackey and I will be in the area starting at 7:15pm and we’re leaving to get ready for the party by 9:00pm.

We’ll also coordinate a time to get a group picture before and after the run. Look for details in the Joyful Miles Running Club!

So there you go, what we’re wearing for our French Gals & Guys running costume. Thanks for reading and can’t wait to see you there!

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