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2015 runDisney Frozen 5k

Originally posted at laurabowers.net on October 7, 2015. I’m updating my author website by moving all older runDisney and running content here!


So, let me back up and start this (hideously late) recap a week before the race, where Facebook groups were buzzing over the predicted freezing temps for the Princess Half Marathon Frozen 5k. Some worry-warts with too much time on their hands were even monitoring several weather apps daily, keeping logs and noting any differences.

(Okay, that was me.)

Then runDisney posted this on their Twitter feed.


Yep, no way out of it. The Frozen 5k was, indeed, going to be freezing. For ONCE, however, I was prepared with a costume that’d be cute, warm … and cheap! I had bought a couple long-sleeves off the clearance rack at Kohl’s for $12.00. Add to the pink one a felt Mickey head, two layers of running pants, a cold gear long sleeve, hat, gloves, and cheap wool socks from Walmart cut into leg warmers and there you go, voila, my costume.


Of course, peeling down to go to the bathroom was a bit of a bugger and I felt like a stuffed sausage, but whatever, it was warm.

Now, remember me saying in my Fit for a Princess Expo recap how we received a notice about a power outage between 1:00 – 5:00am at All Stars? Well, yeah. That threw me into quite a frenzy on Thursday night. Normally, I always line up everything the night before, but this time, I was extra meticulous plus I set alarms on Bob’s phone as well as mine. We did end up losing power at 1:30 but it didn’t last long.

How do I know this? Because once again, I got NO SLEEP. None. Nada, just like the night before the WDW Half.

My runDisney insomnia is seriously getting old.

At around 2:30, I gave up and got ready, #suckitupbuttercup and all, making it to the bus stop at around 3:00. Unfortunately, some runners weren’t so lucky with the power outage. Two ladies on the bus said they had NO power while getting ready and they weren’t the only ones. Kind of poor timing on Reedy Creek’s Fire Department but I’m sure races aren’t high on their priority list.

Oh, and here’s something I didn’t know. All Stars’ food court was open by 3:00am! When I saw a gal drinking fresh coffee … not gonna lie … I wanted to tackle her for it since the only caffeine I had so far was from half a Coke.

Anyway, back to the recap!


Just like for Wine & Dine with its hideous rains, once I got to Epcot’s parking lot, I decided that okay, whatever, it’s freezing, but I’m going to make the best of things and have a blast. This is big coming from me because I HATE being cold and I HATE running in the cold!

Disney did a great job trying to make folks more comfortable, though by having several tall propane heaters going. It might have been freezing, but the DJ was cranking the music, getting everyone excited!


I avoided the heaters, (might as well get used to the cold,) and headed for the food truck instead for some coffee instead … which was NOT good, next year, I’m hitting the food court. Afterwards, I met up with my awesomely wonderful running pals.

Still not sure who these ladies are supposed to be, but they were gorgeous!

Because this Type A+ gal likes to be in the front, I left early to get a good spot in Corral A and enjoy the preshow. Here’s something I’ve learned about running races in cold weather … it’s better to ditch your throwaways before the start rather than after you’re running. Otherwise, you might start sweating underneath those layers and once they’re gone, you’ll be colder than ever when the chilly air hits that sweat. Learned that the hard way during Marathon Weekend.

So I ditched that fleece and shivered until we were finally off!


The 5k course takes you into Epcot’s World showcase at Mexico, around the International Gateway, and back through Epcot to the finish line. Short and oh-so-sweet. The first character stop was after a half mile.

One of my favorite character photos EVER!
One of my favorite character photos EVER!

A photo with Minnie in her adorable snowflake dress? Yes, please!! I was so happy to see a few of the Fab 5 along the course and the wintery décor. And you know, as much as I had grumbled and groaned about the weather before the race … it really wasn’t that horrible.

I also loved how they played Let It Go in Epcot’s World Showcase, switching languages to whatever country we were in. That was such a great touch! And the CM’s! They were fantastic, cheering everyone on. So fantastic, that I added my own character stops by getting pictures with them in each country.

Loved seeing this cute dog!
Loved seeing this cute dog!
Goofy in a snowflake sweater? My cup runneth.
Goofy in a snowflake sweater? My cup runneth.
MICKEY in a snowflake sweater? My cup shattereth.

It was also pretty cool how they had Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff on a decorated stage near Spaceship Earth. I’m not a super huge fan of the movie … please don’t hurt me … but their costumes are gorgeous and this was a nice touch.

One more self-made character stop for the road!
One more self-made character stop for the road!

As with each runDisney 5k, the finish came way too soon!


They had some great character shot opportunities afterwards, though, to keep the fun going.


All in all, I had a total (chilly) BLAST at the Frozen 5k! And because the forecast was supposed to be warmer for the Enchanted 10k the next day, things were also looking up.


Thanks for reading my recap and I hope to see you at 2016’s Princess Half Marathon! Next up, the Enchanted 10k!

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