Gilmore Girls Tag: Pre-A Year in the Life Fun!
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Gilmore Girls Tag: I am FINALLY watching A Year in the Life!

At the time of writing this, it’s Sunday morning, the day I FINALLY will watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! It was my intention to watch this since its release in November, but life got crazy. Then the holidays arrived with my boys home for winter break. And then work picked up.

But no more delaying, TODAY I will finally get the answers I’ve been dying for. How did Richard die? Why is Rory … Rory, of all people, jobless? Did Miss Patty ever marry again, adding to her collection of ex-husbands? What’s up with Paris? How many more jobs has Kurt had in the last nine years? Will Michel ever age … I mean, his skin, flawless! How much is Jess still in Rory’s life? And for the love of coffee beans, why is Lorelai doubting her happiness with Luke, haven’t we been through that enough already?

And most importantly: What will the last four words be?

Gilmore Girls Tag: Pre-A Year in the Life Fun!

But first, I thought I’d do a seriously off-topic blog post because tags are fun and I adore talking about one of my favorite shows. There were two big ones floating around on YouTube, one by Brianna Hertzberg and the second by Simply Abby. Couldn’t chose which one I liked better, so I’m doing them both!


It’s Gilmore Girl time.

Gilmore Girls Tag by Brianna Hertzberg

1. Who is your favorite character?

Emily. Hands down. Opinionated and vocal with no hesitancy to speak her mind and a flair for dramatics, Emily was a force to be reckoned with. True, there were moments when I’d shake my head at her stubbornness and refusal to allow others to think for themselves. But Emily truly did have their best interest at heart. She was also more vulnerable then they thought. And those moments when she did drop her guard, displaying her affection in her own special way?

Good God. I lived for those moments.


She was also fiercely loyal and would gladly cut anyone who crossed her family to shreds, as evidenced by the way she handled Shira Huntzberger. With a smile. And the way she casually says, “Diane, hello,” afterwards?

I mean, honestly. Pure perfection, here.

2. Do you have a least favorite character?

My first instinct is Taylor, but every town needs a Taylor, although he could have toned it down a tad. And whether anyone wanted to admit it or not, Stars Hollow would not be the best fictional town in the world without his hard work. So he gets a pass.

I’d also Paul Anka, but he’s a dog and I can’t hold it against him how his character’s quirks were overwritten.

So I’m going with TJ with his annoying voice and overwritten douffas mentality. But then again … I do love how Liz’s life turned around after they met and how supportive he was of her jewelry business. But still. TJ. Ugh.

3. Who is the perfect man for Rory?

Duh. Jess! Moving on.

4. Who is the perfect man for Lorelai?

Duh. Luke! Moving on.

5. What’s your favorite quote?

An honorable mention must go out to Paris:

Image from Buzz Feed.

But come on. You know I had to pick something from Emily!

Image from Buzz Feed

6. Who is your favorite underrated character?

Jess! When it comes to Jess, Logan, and Dean, the focus always seems to gravitate toward which one is better for Rory rather than their individual story. But of all the characters, he’s the one who had shown the most growth. He went from a being a rebellious, troubled, angry … and let’s face it, rather repulsive teen to a young man who finally found his niche in life as a writer. The part where he thanked Luke as his publisher’s party still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Plus, he’s the one who finally snapped Rory out of her college drop-out, DAR tea party organizing, mooching off her grandparents days.

7. What is your favorite episode?

That’s a hard question to answer, since I have so many favorite scenes. But I’m going with Friday Night’s Alright For Fighting just because the tremendous amount of growth that is shown during the episode.

First there was Lorelai gracefully handling the way Luke quickly agreed to postpone their wedding, even though she was clearly heartbroken. And when Rory continued to snub her grandparents despite the fact that she wouldn’t be in Yale without them, it was Lorelai who convinced her to make an effort to reconnect before it’s too late.

This is also when we finally got to see Rory shaking off her rejection by Mitchum Huntzberger by pulling Yale’s newspaper staff together to get an issue out on time, with some help by Logan who finally endeared himself back into her arms.

And then there was Friday night dinner. Rather than storm out in anger like she would have done years ago, Lorelai declared that nobody was leaving until they hashed things out. And oh my gosh, hash things out they did! First Emily, Richard, and Rory fought. Then Lorelai, Richard, and Emily.

Then they discussed how delicious the sherbet was.

Then Richard and Emily fought over her airplane timeshare inquiry. Then they gathered in the living room, laughing as Emily described what she had said to Shira Huntzberger, with Lorelai bowing down in respect.

Then Rory and Emily fought over the DAR.

Then Emily and Lorelai fought.

Then Lorelai and Rory left, with the finals words being, “Well, I guess we officially reinstated Friday night dinners.”


8. What are you looking forward to seeing in “A Year In The Life”

How Jess’s life has progressed … which is probably wrong, maybe I should be more interested in Emily, Lorelai, or Rory, but hey. I’m a writer who’s gone through struggles, too.

9. If you could have a meal with any of the characters, who would it be and why?

I’d love to gossip with Babette and Miss Patty over burgers and coffee at Luke’s.

10. Do you have any Gilmore Girls memorabilia?

No, but I do wish I could get my hands on one of those yellow Luke’s mugs.

Okay, I should end things here since this post is getting rather long, but I simply must answer the questions from Simply Abby, too, although I am skipping questions already answered.

The Ultimate Gilmore Girl Tag by Simply Abby

How did you discover the show? 

At the beginning of the second season on the recommendation of a friend who was obsessed with the show, therefore spreading her obsession to me!

Do you own the collection?

No, but that would make for an incredible Christmas present, hint, hint!

Favorite Season?

Probably four?

Least Favorite Season?

The first half of five.

Luke’s Diner Dash (Lighting Round)

Dave or Zack?

Zack, hands down! I love how much he clearly adored Lane, supporting her in every way he could and even working hard to establish a relationship with Mrs. Kim.

Dave? Come on. He left.

Luke or Christopher?

Luke! Christopher was too selfish at times, getting in his own way.

Dean or Jess?

While Dean was a lovely character, he’s just not the right match for Rory. He could never keep up with her goal and dreams and being with him would be like settling.

Lorelai or Rory?

I have to go with Rory, although there were times when she was clueless. Like when she wrote that article bashing trust fund kids without realizing she was one herself considering she’s never worked, payed rent, and was at the time living in luxury at Logan’s apartment.

Gotta say. When Logan threw this fact in her face, I kind of fell in love with him.


Do you think Lorelai over-reacts with her parents?

Oh yeah, she over-reacts with most aspects of her life, which is why I prefer Rory.

Do you think Emily & Richard over-reacts with Lorelai?

Oh yeah, they might have had good intentions but a piss-poor way of showing it.

In the big fight that Rory and Lorelei had, who’s side were you on?

Lorelai, hands down.

In a fight between Taylor and Mrs. Kim who would win?

Oh, please. Taylor is toast! Although for the love of God … where has Mr. Kim been all these years???

Who would spread the fastest rumor Babette or Miss Patty?

Love Miss Patty, but Babette. Remember that scene where she was running down the street after Luke holding her boobs? Lord I loved what Sally Struthers brought to that character.

How much do you dislike April?

Poor April. So many people bashed her character and blamed her for breaking up Luke and Lorelai, but think about it. She simply was a kid who wanted to find out who her father was. And when she discovered it was Luke, she responded by being open and curious, rather than acting like an angry, angst-filled brat, blaming him for everything that went wrong in her life.

Plus, she helped Luke to grow and become a more open person. I mean, she’s the one who introduced him to Target.

Was her character overwritten a bit with the quirks? Maybe. But the real character to dislike in that situation was Anna Nardini, who kept the truth from Luke for twelve years for no good reason. It wasn’t like he was a drug dealer or convict.

And with that, I am now going to shower, film the video version of this content, and get to watching!! I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!

Thanks for reading this slightly, (well, more than slightly,) off-topic post. More on the Princess Half Marathon tomorrow! Until then…

QOTD: Were you a Gilmore Girls fan and if so, who was your favorite character, least favorite, etc? I’m tagging anybody who missed doing these tags and would like to join along! Video version of this coming soon.


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  1. I decided to give it few days before I commented, just to make sure you had a chance to see all the sequel episodes. This quiz was so much fun! Brought back so many memories. It’s tempting me to go back and binge on it 🙂 Hope the sequel matched up to your expectations. It was a split opinion for the most part.

    1. Sigh. I absolutely LOVED Emily’s story arc … her “bullshits” at the DAR and working at the whaling museum was perfection, but other than Paris’s scenes, I did not like the rest nor am I on #TeamJess any more because Rory doesn’t deserve him. Sleeping with Logan, being crappy to Paul, her claims to be broke before yet another international flight, and her entitled attitude made me very unsympathetic to her character. And don’t even get me started about the last four words!!!

      So yeah. Sigh. I was disappointed. 🙁

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