What's in Your Running Belt? Here's what's in mine.
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What’s In Your Race Belt? 

Want some tips on what to carry in your runnning belt? I gotcha covered, mate. Last month, I chatted about my five favorite running belts so today, I’m covering what I stuff into those belts! And stuffed they are, since I tend to be the over-packer of the group. Hope you enjoy and please keep in mind that I’m not a nutritionist, so my fueling choices are from my own experience and might not work for you! 

What's in Your Running Belt? Here's what's in mine.Now, while I haven’t drank the Sparkle Skirts Kool-Aid yet, I’m starting to wear more bottoms with pockets to store things in. But in general, I’m not a fan of stuffed pockets because of the whole pants-falling-down feeling, so I still depend on a running belt to carry all my loot.

TIP: Keep a list somewhere of things to pack for training runs and races of different lengths. This will help when you’re stressing out the morning of a run and can’t remember everything you need to bring!

What I Pack:

For short runs up to six miles:

  • My phone and ear buds
  • Tissues since my nose always runs and I refuse to snot rocket.
  • Chapstick since I’m a mouth breather and that dries out my lips.
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For long runs seven miles or longer:

  • My phone and ear buds
  • Tissues
  • Chapstick
  • Gu – enough for one every 30 minutes, (I eat one fifteen minutes pre-run and I also eat a packet of Sports Beans thirty minutes prior if I’m running twenty miles or more.)
  • One salt tab for runs over fifteen miles, (I take one before training.)
  • A snack for runs over 15 miles, like a Larabar, (I need a lot of fuel.)
  • Credit card or cash if I’m running in town.

For a 5k or 10k:

  • My phone and ear buds … unless it’s a Disney race!
  • Tissues
  • Lipstick since you gotta be pretty for pictures!
  • One Gu for a 10k.
  • License and credit card
  • Sunglasses if necessary

For a Half Marathon:

  • My phone and ear buds
  • Tissues
  • Lipstick
  • If it’s a Disney World race, I tuck in a Nature Valley Granola Bar for breakfast since you have to be at the corrals so early.
  • Four Gu gels, one taken before the race.
  • One salt tab, (I take one pre-race and then one every hour,) or two salt tabs if it’s super hot, (one per thirty minutes.)
  • License and credit card (and I wear my Magic Band if at Disney World)
  • Sunglasses if necessary
  • For bag check, I pack a phone charger, cord, and a protein bar for recovery. If it’s cold, I also pack yoga pants, jacket, knit cap, and an emergency blanket since I tend to get the chills very quickly! Plus a disposable poncho because you never know. 😉

For a Full Marathon:

  • My phone
  • Portable charger and 8″ cord since I take lots of video
  • Earbuds
  • Tissues
  • Lipstick and Chapstick
  • If it’s a Disney race, I tuck in a Nature Valley Granola Bar for breakfast. (I also eat a bagel with peanut butter and oatmeal about two hours before the race.)
  • Pre-race Sports Beans
  • Six Gu gels, one taken fifteen minutes before the race. (More than that makes me nauseous.)
  • One piece of PlowOn Gum taken in case of emergency at around mile twenty.
  • Two salt tabs or more if it’s hot.
  • Two snacks such as a Larabar or granola bar. (Better yet, I have a spectator friend hold a bagel with peanut butter for me to eat at around the fifteen mile mark.)
  • License and credit card (and Magic Band if at Disney World)
  • Sunglasses
  • For bag check, I pack a protein bar for recovery and if it’s cold, yoga pants, jacket, knit cap, disposable poncho, and an emergency blanket. If it’s warm, I pack a pair of flip flops, too, to give my toes a breather!

QOTD: What do you pack in your running belt, am I missing anything? This overpacker wants to know.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out our Joyful Miles YouTube channel for more running tips, recaps, and our weekly Jammin’ On The Run feature!

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