Running Belts Review: My Favorites
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Running Belts Review: My Favorites

Are you a new runner looking to find the right running belt? Well, just like a gal needs a pile of purses and a surplus of shoes, this runner has quite the collection of belts for different race lengths and training runs. So today, I’m listing my favorites and in a future post, I’ll talk about what I stuff in them! (And it’s a lot. #overpacker)

Running Belts Review: My Favorites

1.) Fitletic Neo I

My Favorite Running Belts and why they are awesome!This is my absolute go-to, can’t-live-without belt, so much so that my first version has a stench that will not go away. I use this for a majority of training runs and half marathons because it does not ride up and stays comfortably on my hips with enough room in the pouch for my iPhone 6s. They also sell water bottle attachments and a cell phone case that you can Velcro on the back, although I use mine for gels, tissues, lip balm, etc.

Fitletic also sells a sunglass case and extenders, so you can truly customize this for your needs! (I’m hoping Santa brings me that sunglass case.)

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My Favorite Running Belts and why they are awesome!

2.) iFitness Neo II

My Favorite Running Belts and why they are awesome!Another favorite, although my older version does not fit my iPhone 6s. So I only use this belt for runDisney races when I carry my phone because … vanity alert … it lays nice on my stomach and looks good in pictures. (Plus there’s the pink.) Still a great belt, though, one that does not ride up and is quite comfortable! There’s also room for attachments and the newer versions will fit larger phones.

3.) Fitletic Ultimate II

My Favorite Running Belts and why they are awesome!

I have mixed feelings about this belt since my first one rode up and constantly needed to be pulled down. A lot. But for a marathon, the storage on this belt really worked for me, so much so that I bought the lastest model in hopes this one will stay put! 

There are loops for five gels and a Velco pocket that will fit a small, square phone charger such as the Pocket Juice perfectly. The main pouch easily fits my iPhone and with an 8″ cable, I can charge while on the run. (I attach a safety pin around the cable, though, in case it comes loose.) You can also fit two water bottles on your back hips or one bottle and the camera attachment if you need more storage.

4.) Flipbelt

My Favorite Running Belts and why they are awesome!Another belt that I love although mine tends to rides up at times. (This is because I need a smaller size. It’s on my Christmas wish list!) But this is a great belt for shorter runs or workouts when you want something smooth and comfortable against your stomach instead of snapping on a belt. There’s plenty of room for your phone, gels, other necessities and there’s a a clip for your keys to keep them secure. Plus if it’s chilly, it keeps your tummy all nice and toasty! I’m all about the toasty.

There are water bottles made specifically to slide into this belt, but I’ve yet to try them and I’m not exactly sure how stable it would be with the extra weight. They also sell a hydration version that comes with three bottles. If you have tried it, please let me know how it worked!

5.) Spibelt

My Favorite Running Belts and why they are awesome!As my smallest belt, this little gem is perfect for short runs or 5k’s when I either don’t need to carry a lot of stuff or when I’m wearing shorts with pockets that hold my gels, tissues, etc. The Spibelt never rides up plus it doesn’t need to be jacked really tight to keep it steady, a plus if you want your shirt to look smooth with no hip pop. 😉 I also use this one to store my phone while housecleaning and listening to podcasts!


So there you go, my favorite running belts for training, 5k’s, half marathons, and full marathons. There’s also some that are on my radar … and growing Christmas list such as a wristband for holding credit cards and lipstick since Jackey wore one during the Disneyland Half that was super convenient.

QOTD: What is your favorite running belt and why? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy running and have a joyful day!



Laura Bowers

Laura is a writer, runner, reader, runDisney addict, blogger, vlogger, wife to an amazing guy for 26 years, mom of two wonderful boys, excellent chili maker, and obsessive list keeper. She still thinks Spice World was an awesome movie and feels no shame about that plus she can quote most lines from Talladega Nights. Shake and bake!

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  1. Emily says:

    I just got the flip belt in the reflective pattern. I think I’m between sizes which kinda sucks but it is inspiration to lose a few extra pounds. The water bottle fits nicely and does not bounce. I think without the bottle taking up space the belt may have been too loose but it does add a little weight. I’ve only used once so far but I like that it is not bulky and it is soft.

    1. Yes, no bulk is great! And I think it’s better to have it a little on the tight side than loose, especially with the water bottles. (Having any kind of bounce or riding up drives me bonkers.) I’m glad you are liking this belt so far and that the water works! I still have that on my wish list. Happy running and be sure to let me know how it continues to work out!
      ~Laura 🏃🏻‍♀️

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