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5 Ways To Cure a Disney Hangover

It’s Friday! You made it! You also made it to our first, in what will be a regular series, of  Friday Link Ups. This is not the first time that we have participated in a link up, but to those that have no idea of what I speak, it’s an opportunity to give some love to some of our fellow bloggers, while having a lot of fun along the way. Specifically, our friends at Eat, Love, Pray DC; Mar On The Run, and You Signed Up For What?! Be sure to follow along as we rant about all things healthy, running, and, of course, joyful! disneyblues

Every week we will tackle a different topic, and this week’s topic is free form. Which is perfect, since all I do is ramble on and on incoherently. Since we have been beating you over the head with all things runDisney, specifically the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, I thought we would focus this inaugural fiver on how to overcome the post-Disney blues.

Whether you visit any of the fabulous parks and resorts, cruise on the amazing Disney Cruise Line ships, or partake in some of the fabulous itineraries offered by Adventures By Disney, these trips completely immerse you in the Disney magic. However, returning to everyday life can leave you feeling down and out. Follow these tips and we’ll have you whistling “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da” in no time! Not sure what that means? Well, get off of your “doo-da,” and get to Walt Disney World STAT!!!!

5. Retail Therapy

While I am enjoying any one of the aforementioned Disney vacations, I tend buy an inordinate amount of what others would consider crap. I tend to focus my efforts on items I can use everyday such as: t-shirts, mugs, snow globes and shot glasses (toothpick holders according to the Walt Disney Company). Every morning I sip my coffee from a specially, hand-picked Disney coffee mug. I tend to favor the special “You Are Here” Mugs that depict each of the 6 stateside parks and sold exclusively at that park’s Starbucks.

mugsI then slip on my chosen Disney shirt du jour, you know, to prove that I was there. I particularly enjoy the resort specific ones, again, to show that I was there.

Yes Sir! Nothing says I enjoy my Disney vacations more than donning a Wilderness Lodge T-shirt with a Contemporary Resort key chain dangling out of my pocket while searching for Pokemon with my iPhone encased in any number of Disney themed cases!

4. Aroma Therapy

There is nothing I enjoy more than the Walt Disney Resorts merchandise. Well, actually there is: the smells! You read that right mister! Nothing smells better than most of the Walt Disney Resort hotels. Seriously, walk into the Contemporary Resort and you’ll understand what I mean. Walt Disney World, and Disneyland for that matter, are full with aromas that immediately connect with you, and in a good way (not with an, I ride the subway everyday kind of way)! So much so, that I seek out these smells in candle and air freshener form from any one of the amazing vendors that specializes in these obscure fragrances. Currently, my kitchen reeks of Wilderness Lodge, while my bathroom evokes the smells of the Contemporary and Beach Club resorts (Bibbidi Bobbidi Brooke is jealous right now) courtesy of Anthology Candles.


3. Music Therapy

Whether you are enjoying the wonderful attractions, or walking around the parks and enjoying the amazing background loops that truly enhance the experience, or on a Disney Cruise Line ship and wandering the halls while listening to your favorite Disney tunes (be sure to head outside and listen for a unique spin on them; I won’t spoil it for the newbies), the music is just as much of the experience than anything else. I have spent countless hours scouring the internet to find some of my favorite tracks. Currently, I am logged onto my d-cot account, which is essentially Facebook for Disney nerds, that features an amazing jukebox feature that enables you to listen to most of your favorite Disney tracks from around the globe. Not sure where to start? (Cheap Plug Warning) Be sure to keep tabs on us here at Joyful Miles, as I will be featuring some of my favorite tracks soon!5 Ways to Cure a Disney Hangover #disney #wdw #disneyland #dcl #rundisney Click To Tweet

2. Walt Disney and Chill…

This does not mean what you think it means…unless you think it means Walt’s head in a freezer. In which case, you are doubly wrong! So let’s rename this one to “Group Therapy.” I love to spend any of my down time trolling the interwebs for the latest in Walt Disney World related news and content. I have hours of Disney related podcasts to listen to, and I will watch whatever I can get a hold of on YouTube. I will also follow along to some of the more colorful Disney obsessed fans on social media. In fact, this obsession led me to find numerous groups comprised of equally obsessed fans, that led me to journey out on my own and meet these complete strangers, only to form a blog and do silly videos with said people. Now that I actually have said that out loud, there is only one conclusion I can gather….

1. OK, I really need help…

The best way to deal with the comedown from a Disney vacation is to start planning the next one. I can’t stress this enough! Having a countdown is essential to get through the period in between trips. After all, part of the fun of these trips is the planning. So start planning that next Disney vacation! Just remember, refer back to this blog when you get back!


What about you? Is there anything I left out? What do you do to deal with the time in between trips? Let us know and we might give you a shout out!

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  1. These are all great ones (especially the last). The other thing I do is take the extra H2O shampoos, conditioners, and soaps with me when I leave so that when I’m really down, I can pull one of those out and imagine that I’m at my Disney hotel getting ready for a great day at the parks! Great post!

    1. Robert Hallihan says:

      Yes, we have our fair share of soaps and shampoos, as well as pens, and maybe a few towels courtesy of Disney Cruise Line 😉

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