2016 Chicago Marathon Video Recaps
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2016 Chicago Marathon Video Recaps

I must admit to being completely bummed on the day of the Chicago Marathon from missing it due to a foot injury. I ended up eating an entire pizza by myself, (granted–it was only a medium, but still,) and I wrote a depressing blog post about my injury … which considering my state of mind, was the same as writing drunk.

I’ve since (somewhat) shaken off my blues and now I’m determined to run the 2017 Chicago Marathon with lottery entries starting on November 1st. So it was fantastic having a chat with our first Jammin’ On The Run guest, Christopher Savio, about the 2016 race!

2016 Chicago Marathon Video Recaps

These videos ended up on the long side, since Christopher offered a ton of fantastic information. Rob also used the audio footage to post our very first Joyful Miles Podcast that can be found on iTunes or Podbean!

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you’d like video notifications. And if you have any questions about the Chicago Marathon, please leave them in the comments below! Christopher will be glad to answer them.

Until then, enjoy and happy running!

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