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Running and Training Tips: Keep everything you need in a Running Tote!

Here’s a quick running and training tip: Keep everything you need for a daily training run in a tote! Or bag, box, crate, laundry hamper, what have you. This is a must-do for me, because otherwise, I waste so much time running around the house gathering everything before getting out the door.

It’s also a fantastic visual reminder of your racing goals if you hang it in a prominent place in your house. For me, that’s my office door so it’s always in sight.


Those of you who train after leaving the office or at a gym are already doing this, but it’s also good for when you’re going on vacation or away for the weekend. Keeping you essentials out of your suitcases will make everything easily accessible.

Before my injury, I’ve always kept everything in my tote but during those long months, I took everything out because it only reminded me of what I couldn’t do. But then I read a great post on the Fairytales and Fitness blog about keeping a running tote and decided that it was time to put this bad boy together.

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For mine, I used my absolute favorite Hobbit tote that I got at the Book Expo America several years ago. It’s roomy, sturdy with nice thick handles … and The Hobbit is one of my favorite books. Here’s everything I keep inside.

Running Tip: Keep a Running Tote!

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So there you go, everything I keep in my running tote! Now, what about you?

QOTD: Do you keep a running tote? If so, what’s inside?

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