My Favorite Running and Race Belts
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My Favorite Running Belts

What’s your favorite running belt? Or are you like me and have several for different occasions? Or the better question may be … are you a smart fan of Sparkle Skirts with those amazing pockets? I’ve tried to love them but they’re not for me and the shorts and skirts I do have either don’t hold enough or I wouldn’t be comfortable storing my iPhone 7 plus in. Thus my need for race belts!

I have many different kids for different purposes and yesterday over at our YouTube Channel, I followed up a previous Friday Five post by chatting about my favorite running and race belts. (Well, one isn’t a favorite but I’m hoping to make it to one.)

My Favorite Running and Race Belts

Hope you enjoy!

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Wrist Wallet in Black
Wrist Wallet in Pink
RooSports Pouch
Fitletic Ultimate Race Belt I
SPIbelt Single Pouch
Flip Belt
Fitletic Single Pouch
Fitletic Double Pouch
Fitletic Hydration Bottle
Fitletic Add On Phone Holder

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What about you? Please share your favorites in the comments below and as always, having a joyful day!

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