Gift Ideas for Runners!
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Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners!

Looking for some last-minute gift ideas for the runner in your life? (Or, if you’re like me, in desperate need of ideas because you haven’t even started shopping yet?) Well, no worries, here’s a list of suggestions from a post I shared last year plus a few new ideas! Some of which I’m hoping Santa will bring me …

Great Gift Ideas for Runners | Tuesdays on the Run

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Motivational Jewelry

Nothing says love like jewelry! Well, no, I can think of a lot of other non-materialistic things that say love, but jewelry always makes a lovely present! Especially one that will motivate your loved one to live a healthy, happy, butt-kicking 2018 every time they look at it. Some of our favorites are:

Motivational wraps from Momentum Jewelry with either stock sayings or ones you can customize. They also have really cute necklaces that you can customize with individual sayings!

Holiday Presents for Runners

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Medal Racks

If you’re loved one has their medals stored in a forgotten shoebox, abandoned on a dusty shelf closet … tsk, tsk, for shame, for shame! Those babies need to breathe, to sparkle in the light, and get the attention they deserve. After all, it took a lot of sweat and tears to get them! So a medal rack makes an excellent present, because medal abandonment is a serious, serious issue. Our favorite?

Allied Medal Hangers and their sleek, beautiful medal racks that come in many stock styles or can me customizable.

every-mile-is-magic-detailed-castles-edition-1s8fvxBib Holders

I absolutely LOVE the BibFOLIOS from Gone For A Run my father bought me last Christmas! It’s such a great way to keep all your bibs nice and tidy. Here’s a video of me putting mine together and chatting about my favorite races.


Gone for a Run also has a smorgasbord of necklaces, bracelets, medal racks, car magnets, recovery sandals, etc., to pick from! Oh, and they also have…

ID Bracelet or other Safety Measures

… identification bracelets and other safety supplies, such as reflective visors and wrist bands, LED lights, etc.

gifts-for-runnersRoad ID also makes fantastic products to keep your runner safe!


Other items that will also help keep your runner safe is pepper spray such as this Wrist Savers Pepper Spray for Runners:

… safety products for night runners such as this Reflective Running Night Jogging Vest:

I’m also a big fan of the Sabre Personal Alarm I had purchased earlier this year and shared in my Safety for Runners video.

Gym Bag

You can’t go wrong with a nice, classic gym bag that your loved one can use for trips to the gym or to store necessary supplies for trail runs. I love my pink Under Armour Storm Undeniable Duffel that has plenty of room in the side and front pocket, plus a place to put my shoes:

Holiday Gifts for Runners

A Supply of Fuel

Runners can go through a ton of fuel, especially the long distance ones. And that stuff isn’t exactly cheap. Needed, but pricey. I’m sure your loved one will appreciate a supply of their favorite fuel that they can use guilt-free throughout the year!

Race Belt

Mine look pretty grungy after a year’s worth of running, so a brand-new, sweat-free running belt is always appreciated! Here’s a recap of my favorites, including iFitness and the Flip Belt.

Running Belts Review: My Favorites

Recovery Flip Flops

Ahhh, a comfy pair of brand-new flip flops are always welcome in a runner’s holiday stocking! Here’s a collection of our favorites, including Oofos and Teva Mush Mandalyn.

Best Flip Flops for Running Recovery because nothing beats a pair of comfy flip flops after a long, hard run!

Gift Cards

Yeah, I know, gift cards aren’t very personal. But to me, they certainly are if they’re to my favorite running store or online shopping site, such as Sparkle Athletic, Sparkle Skirts, Athletica, or Lululemon!

Monthly Subscription Boxes

Want to give the gift that keeps on giving, month after month? Consider a subscription box service such as Runner’s World, StrideBox, and Runner Crate. I have yet to jump in with this, but Heather over at the Running with Grace channel has reviewed several ones!

Etsy Gifts for Runners

One quick search on Etsy for “running gifts” will bring up a bouffe of great present ideas, ranging from custom-made tee-shirts, charms, jewelry, and medal racks to water bottles, wine glasses, beer mugs, and mugs that are perfect for an after run beverage! I’m loving this cutie!

Great Gifts for Runners


Running Watch

Now we’re getting into the pricey stuff. Like perhaps your love one is due for an upgrade in the running watch department. I know I am, so I’ve been eyeballing the Garmin 235 that’s in the prettiest shade of blue! Just make sure you save the receipt in case the model you get doesn’t exactly suit their needs.




QOTD: What’s on your running wish list this year?

Have a joyful day and happy holidays!

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