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Aftershokz Trekz Air Review: I’m feeling a bit lucky lately…

I must be on a lucky streak. I swear I’m someone who doesn’t win anything and in December, I’ve won three things. I donated blood through Unyts and received a phone call the following day letting me know I won two tickets to the Buffalo Sabres game. I also won a free pair of sunglasses from Carlee Mcdott’s 12 days of Christmas giveaway. (Thank you Carlee!) And finally, I won a pair of Aftershokz Trekz Air wireless headphones. Can you believe it??

How did I win? I follow Bibrave on Twitter and saw one evening they were having a Bibchat. This is something they do weekly. (I didn’t know this at the time). During the Bibchat,  they ask six questions over the course of an hour. The questions usually have to do with running and whatever company is giving away the prize that week. That week it was Aftershokz. I wasted all of my answers and I won!! They notified me I could pick out color of the headphones and they’d mail to me. I couldn’t wait to try them.

A few weeks later they arrived. I opted for the hunter green colored headphones. Looking back I wish I picked something else. But oh well. I was unsure if I’d like these headphones as they don’t sit directly in your ears. They sit near your cheekbones and with bone conductive technology you can hear what’s playing while still being able to hear what’s going on around you. Sounded really odd to me. Note: they come with earplugs to block outside noise if necessary. Example would be if you were on an airplane.

Now that I’ve used a bit I compare it to watching tv in your living room and being able to hear someone come home and say hello. I still hear the tv but can hear things around me. I appreciate this especially when running outside. I like I can hear vehicles approaching. Feels a bit safer. Yet the sound is clear and loud enough for me, for both music and podcasts I like to listen to.

They are also very comfortable to wear. I was worried about this as well. But sometimes I run with my hair down, I do think that could end up being a tangled mess. So far I put the headpiece under my ponytail. I wore with sunglasses as well and there wasn’t any added discomfort.

The battery life has been very good. I used to a long 20 mile training run and battery still was going strong. I like how the battery life also shows in an icon on my phone so I’m aware if it’s getting low.

Another great feature I found beneficial is the microphone works great. Finally I can record our Joyful Miles Podcasts while keeping my charger plugged in. And Laura has said the sound is much clearer.

Overall I’m very happy with this product and would recommend. Before I won these I considered the Apple Ear Pods. But I’ll never forget standing in a corral at at race and I’m a crowd of people I saw an earpod laying on the ground. I lose things very easily and they just seem very easy to lose. The Aftershokz are a little bit bigger which is a good thing for someone like me. They do come in a little black carrying case as well. The $100.00 – $150.00 is quite steep, which is why I procrastinated on buying wireless for so long. (Except the cheap pair I got on amazon that lasted about an hour before dying). But if these fit your budget, I really recommend.

After I won these headphones I decided to apply to be an ambassador to Bibrave called a Bibrave pro and got picked. Laura and I both did!!! I’m excited to get to try and remove more products as well as races. You can check out the current races reviews by going to my profile!

Jackey Deschamps

Jackey is a 39 (omg almost 40) year old mom of three boys from Buffalo, NY. She loves anything 80’s and believes she was born ten years later than her soul. She love to sing, dance and make music videos and she's a huge Buffalo Bills fan! After being a stay at home mom for 10 years, Jackey has recently re-entered the work force as a customer service agent for Southwest Airlines, which is perfect for her love of traveling (free flights) and traveling to run races.

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