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Adding Safety Gear to My Runs

Disclaimer: I received several items from Sabre Safety to review as part of being a BibRavePro. Learn more about becoming a BibRavePro (ambassador) and check out to review, find and write reviews!

For those of you who don’t know me … I’m a very trusting person. To the point where I’m often lectured by friends and family for being too risky, especially when it comes to running alone.

If you’ve listened to our podcast on running safety, I told a story about how I saw this man in the neighborhood decorating his camper in Buffalo Bills decor and when he offered to show me the inside … I said yes and went in to check it out. He’s a Bills fan, so he has to be a cool guy, right?

Okay, you can stop shaking your head now. I have tried to make smarter choices since then, I swear!

But now as I’m about to embark on following my first marathon training plan, I have received several items from Sabre Safety to test out. Immediately my husband was like … wow these are great, why don’t you have this stuff already?

First item was a personal alarm which you wear on your wrist and it has a silver ring you pull which makes a loud sound that can be heard up to 1000 feet. It’s very very loud. You should’ve seen us scrambling to shut off when we tested it!

Second was a personal pepper spray. No, I haven’t tested this one out but it comes with a wrist strap to make carrying easy.

And third is an LED Light which will be helpful for those dark runs. I could’ve used last summer when I tripped in the dark on sidewalk and ended up with a black eye.

I am feeling a little bit of relief having these items. I tend to run solo and will be doing so in early mornings all summer, it’ll probably still be dark when I start and knowing I have these items takes away a little bit of anxiety I feel, especially in quieter areas.

If investing in safety products is something you’d like to look into, check out and use the discount code SABRERUN to save 20%!

So now no more excuses for me!! Chicago marathon here I come!

Jackey Deschamps

Jackey is a 39 (omg almost 40) year old mom of three boys from Buffalo, NY. She loves anything 80’s and believes she was born ten years later than her soul. She love to sing, dance and make music videos and she's a huge Buffalo Bills fan! After being a stay at home mom for 10 years, Jackey has recently re-entered the work force as a customer service agent for Southwest Airlines, which is perfect for her love of traveling (free flights) and traveling to run races.

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  1. This is an amazing collection of accessories. I can’t wait to check it out!

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