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January Injury Update: New hip for Bob, new hope for me!

Oh, what a difference a couple of weeks can make!

As I mentioned in my last Injury Update post, I’ve been rather depressed from a combination of being injured, out of shape, and sick. (And I wasn’t afraid to talk about it, either!) Something wonderful happened on Day 7, however: Jackey, Rob, and I registered for for WDW’s Dopey Challenge 2018! This brought new life to me during week two.

Week 2 was still a doozy, though. (A wonderful doozy!)

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First Bob finally had his hip replacement on Tuesday, January 17th. The surgery was a great success and because he’s muscular, he left the hospital with absolutely no restrictions. He could move his leg, twist his trunk, whatever, as long as he wasn’t in pain. I was BEYOND amazed to see my husband walking without a limp for the first time in many years! Such a gorgeous thing. He’s even agreed to walk a St. Patty’s Day 5k with me in Ocean City, Maryland, his very first 5k and our first together!

I can’t convince him to wear a green Team Sparkle skirt, though. 😉

Bob walking three days after his surgery … with the help of his PT pooch.
Bob eight days post-surgery – no walker, no cane, no limp!

Now I’m the one with the limp in the family. So at the beginning of Week 3, I took action to end that by getting a second opinion from a different doctor, something that I rarely do.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I’ve never felt entirely comfortable with my first orthopedic surgeon … I just got the feeling he was more interested in cases that required surgery. Plus there was his suggestion for me to get a cortisone shot, something I felt against. These doubts were topped off while I was trying to get a prescription for custom orthodic inserts. After playing phone tag for a week with his aide, she relayed to me how he said that if I wasn’t feeling better by now, I’d need surgery.

Cue the red flag.

I thanked her for her time and then immediately made an appointment with a different doctor, one referred to me from a podiatrist I’ve seen before. Thankfully, he had an open slot so I was able to see him a few days later.

After reviewing my November MRI results, he did an overall evaluation of my foot, having me stand to the front, side, and back. He also tested my foot strength at different angles, before feeling the ball of my foot – particularly at the second metatarsal joint where the partial plantar plate tear is.

His diagnosis? No, I absolutely do not need surgery. Thank the Lord.

He then asked if I’ve been taping my toe, something my first doctor never mentioned. This is something I have seen online, but I thought it was for stage three tears, in an effort to keep the toes from separating. But he recommended it as a way to hold my second toe down, elevating the pressure on my metatarsal joint and allowing the ligament to heal. Be sure to watch my Week 3 video for the full taping. Until then, here’s a screenshot:

Recover, Run, Rejoice Weeks 2 & 3: My Injury Update

Please forgive my unpolished toes and blueish feet! (It was cold.)

My new doctor also recommended wearing a rocker-soled shoe, such as a Hoka, New Balance, or Brooks. I had already read great things about the Hoka One Ones for recovery, since they are cushioned and some models are designed to take weight off your forefoot. More on which model I choose in next week’s update!

As for a cortisone shot, he would only perform this as a last ditch effort, since there is a risk of the cortisone leaking into the ligament and causing a rupture. Since the shot only mostly helps with inflammation and pain, I will never get one.

Regarding custom orthodics, he wants to wait six weeks and see how the taping works first, which considering I’m not able to run yet, I’m good with.

Best thing of all from my appointment?


And not in a boot, thank God! I’ve already survived that once during the Wine & Dine Half Marathon and–Lord willing–I intend to never do that again. The experience was amazing in some respects, but absolutely awful in others due to the mental stress and physical exertion.

Walking will still be stressful … both from envy over not being able to run as normal and the response from other runners who don’t like walkers on the course. Cone alley will be especially tough. I actually had someone yell at me during Wine & Dine for not running … and that was when I had a boot on.

Still, I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

I absolutely love the Princess Half Marathon and it would have been disappointing losing my Glass Slipper Challenge legacy. Plus, after counting my medals, I realize that I now have 40 runDisney medals, (including 5k medallions.) After Princess, I will have 44 meaning … my Dopey Challenge medal next January will be my 50th medal!

So yeah, I am finishing each Princess Half Marathon race, even if I have to log roll to the finish line. What will help make this happen is the AWESOME COSTUMES my friends and I have planned!

For the 5k, I’m borrowing Kelly’s Darth Vader very cute tank top. Can you use the word ‘cute’ in the same sentence as Darth Vader? Sure you can!

For the 10k … oh my gosh, I’M SO EXCITED about this … six of us are going as the Monsters University PNK Sorority Sisters!! This means I get to reuse my purple leg warmers from my MU Cheerleaders costume plus I already had everything else needed.

A purple wig? Yeah, I kind of splurged on that.

For the half marathon, I am revisiting my Gaston costume worn during the Tower of Terror 10-Miler back in 2014. But this time, I’m adding some flair by wearing a black Sparkle Athletic skirt, a brown sequined belt, and maybe a black tiara. Depends on the weather. And, I’m naming myself Gimpy Gaston, due to the walking!

So … if you see a limping Darth Vader, Sorority Sister, or a Gimpy Gaston during Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend, be sure to say hi! I love making new friends!

And be sure to check out the full scoops on my recovery with each weekly vlog.

Week One:

Week Two:

Week Three:

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