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Running Gear, Gadgets & Goodies I Can’t Run Without | Friday Five 2.0

Happy (belated) Valentine’s, everyone! Love is in the air this month and Love is also the topic of today’s Friday Five Blog Link Up hosted by Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy. So today I’m chatting about the Five Running Gear, Gadgets & Goodies I can’t run without! (Plus an honorable mention. Because it’s hard picking just five.)

*Caveat: I’m not allowed to list smart phones, running shoes or sports bras, since that’d be too easy!

Running Gear I Can't Live Without | Friday Five

Honorable Mention: Believe Training Journal

Last year, I discovered the Believe Training Journal by Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas thanks to Chris over at Team Shenanigans. It’s full of motivation, inspiration, workout tips, nutrition advice, plus lots of places to log yearly and weekly runs and goals!

And it’s quite pretty, too. But I had to list it as an honorable mention because Amazon is temporarily out of stock. They should be available soon, though!

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5.) Gu gels

This has been and might always be my go-to product for running energy, with Sports Beans and PlowOn Gum being tied at second! Before, I’d go through at least two boxes during marathon training, always saving the caramel ones for extra-special motivation. (Of course, I could just order a box of caramel-flavored Gu’s, but they feel more earned this way!)

Of the many things I miss about running, this is certainly one of them. I actually had a Gu the other day before riding the stationary bike, just because I miss them that much. I didn’t have the caramel, though. Those need to be saved for just the right day!

4.) Momentum Wraps

I’ve already sung high praises for my Momentum Jewelry wraps, but seriously … I just love them! It’s so lovely getting a boost of motivation and inspiration every time I look at my wrist. Granted, there was a time when I wouldn’t wear these while working out in an effort to keep them clean and sweat-free, but now I wear them with reckless abandon.

Running Gear, Gadgets & Goodies We Can't Run Without

3.) My Under Armor Visors

My poor Under Armor visors. Those two have been through a lot … nearly all my training runs since having any sun in my eyes drives me crazy plus quite a few races. They’re starting to not quite bounce back as good after being hand-washed and it might be time to look for new ones, but I can’t bear to part with them!

Running Gear, Gadgets & Goodies We Can't Run Without | Friday Five 2.0
I’m quite the salty dog in this one.

2.) Fitletic Running Belt

While I love all my running belts for different reasons, my single-pouch Fitletic Neo I will always be my favorite and the one I grab most times! There’s absolutely no bounce since it stays put. Granted, I do crank the elastic pretty tight. Ever since having my hysterectomy in 2012, it feels good to have something snug against my stomach, so I wear this slightly below my hips.

My Favorite Running Belts and why they are awesome!

I also like the way I can customize this belt according to my training or race needs by adding water bottle attachments, or a camera case that’s good for storing Gu gels, tissues, lipstick, (yes, I love my lipstick,) and other goodies! For more about what I pack for certain races, be sure to check out this post.

1.) Garmin 235

Technically, I shouldn’t be allowed to list this one since I’ve yet to be able to use my new Garmin 235 due to injury. Still, I just love everything there is to love about this watch. The gorgeous frost blue, the way it fits on my wrist, and the way it makes me feel like an athlete by just wearing it … despite being benched.

I do know that it will be a life-saver at the 2016 Princess Half Marathon, though! When I had to walk the 2015 Wine & Dine Half Marathon, I kind of winged-it when it came to my pace and desperate attempt to stay ahead of the Balloon Ladies. This time, I can actually program my desired finish time and it will set my pace for me … once I learn how, of course!

QOTD: What’s your favorite running gear, gadgets, and goodies that you can’t run without?

Have a joyful day!


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