Our 2016 Dopey Challenge Training Experience
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Our runDisney Dopey Challenge Training Experience

If you happened to watch my recent video about my absolute favorite race experiences, then you already know that the 2016 WDW Marathon Weekend Dopey Challenge tops the list. Hands down. It was by far the hardest race I’ve ever trained for … as well as the most rewarding.

Part of what that weekend so magical was being able to share it with Jackey, Megan, Rob, and my running partner, Ginny. And now that I’m healed and running the 2018 Dopey Challenge is a possibility, I’m looking forward to going through it all again!

For those of us who are following the Jeff Galloway Dopey Challenge Training Plan, our work had already begun during the last week of June. Hal Higdon fans begin their amplified training at the end of August, so Rob, Jackey and I got together recently to discuss our past Dopey training experiences. What we did wrong, what we did right. In future podcast episodes, we’re going to dig even deeper into the topic, discussing nutrition, recovery and more.

Here’s the podcast iTunes link if you’d like to give it a listen and if you’re doing Dopey in 2018 as well, be sure to let us know what training plan you’re going to be following!

We’re on Podbean as well!

And as always, take care and have a joyful day!


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