Chicago & Baltimore Marathon Training Update: Weeks 10 & 11
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Chicago & Baltimore Marathon Training Update: Weeks 10 & 11

Our summer has been both insane and awesome. Awesomely insane. The insanity comes from my husband deciding to purchase a fixer-upper at Ocean City with a friend… and by fixer-upper, I mean complete dump! We’re talking mold, mildew, and structural damage, oh my. But the awesome is how he’s turned total crap to total GORGEOUS in only seven weekends, with me joining him for about half of them … which has meant lots of driving, LOTS of work, and lots of disruptions from the norm.

And for me, more than a few missed long runs.Chicago & Baltimore Marathon Training Update: Weeks 10 & 11

It was totally worth it though when we got this picture.


But something that has taken a major hit is my training for both the Chicago Marathon on October 9th and the Baltimore Marathon a week later on October 15th. Which is a whole new level of insanity and something I’ve been wavering on until I saw this adorable medal:

How can I say no?

Only now the better question is … can I pull off two marathons back-to-back?

For a while there, my answer was a big no. But I’m starting to feel more confident now that most of the beach house’s renovation is complete and we’ve been enjoying the property for about a week and a half, with me getting lots of runs in. The humidity has been a total bugger, though, leaving me exhausted and wishing we had a treadmill here. Then again, the weather has been great training for the Disneyland Half Marathon’s Dumbo Double Dare Challenge that’s coming up in less than two weeks!

I’ve also been doing lots of kayaking, which has proven to be a great arm workout, especially when I’m late making it to the bay for sunset and I have to haul booty. So rather than stressing and worrying … what is usually a huge part of my marathon training plan … I’m going to try to be calm and confident, with the believe that I will be able to run both races.

Emphasis on “try.”

More training updates later … for now, there’s a beach calling our names! Until then, be sure to check out our latest Jamming on the Run video on YouTube! This week, we chatted about runDisney’s Star Wars Dark Side registration and why runDisney races haven’t been selling out.

(Confession: I was late editing and uploading this since we’re on vacation. It would have seemed more timely had I been on it.)

Have a joyful day!

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