Orangetheory Fitness 2017 Hell Week Recap
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Orangetheory Fitness 2017 Hell Week Recap

Orangetheory Fitness, now that’s something I’d love to try, once I’m fully recovered from injury and not training for a major race. (With the Dopey Challenge only nine weeks away, now is not the time!) But Jackey has had great success with Orangetheory, something she chatted about here. This intense cross training has also improved her running plus she and her cousin, Shannon had a great time at the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon representing Team Orange Theory!

Something else Jackey has recently taken on is Hell Week, a challenge where you must complete five classes to be eligible for a free Hell Week tee-shirt. Did she make it? Well, watch the following video and find out!

[Hint: she totally rocked it.]

She also did a video giving an Orangetheory review and studio tour!

Plus we’ve chatted about this in a previous Jammin’ on the Run video:

Jackey will also go into more detail about how Orangetheory has improved her running in an upcoming blog post and video, so be sure to subscribe for notification!

Until then, what about you?

QOTD: Have you tried Orangetheory before … or have you braved Hell Week? If so what do you think and how has it improved your running or other sports?

Take care and as always, have a joyful day!

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