My Favorite Running Costumes | Friday Five
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My Favorite Running Costumes! | Friday Five

I wasn’t much of a costume gal when my runDisney addiction first started in 2013. A lack of time and my major procrastination issues always had me scrambling last-minute for something to wear. But lately, I’ve been upping my runDisney costume game because it’s so fun running in something colorful, festive, and oh-so-Disney!

Better yet is when you do a group costume for friends! So today, I’m joining the Friday Five Blog Link Up hosted by Eat, Run, Pray DC, You Signed Up For What? and Mar on the Run by sharing five of my favorites running costumes … plus an honorable mention.

My Favorite Running Costumes for runDisney Races

Honorable Mention: The 2015 Princess Frozen 5k

My Favorite Running Costumes and how I've been upping my costume game!I must include this outfit because it was colorful, cheap, super easy to put together … and it kept me from freezing my bum off. Those who are Princess Alumni will remember how 2015 was the year of the Frozen 5k, both in title and temperature, with a chilly 28 degrees at race time.

Like many other runners, I went into panic mode days before leaving, because I hate being cold. But then I remembered my $12.00 Fila hoodie scored from a Kohl’s clearance rack. Add to that two cold gear long-sleeves, two pairs of leggings, $2.00 Wal-Mart socks cut into leg warmers, a knit cap, gloves, and a quick Mickey head cut from felt, and there you go. My outfit, one that kept me from freezing and turned out to be rather cute and comfy!

Click here for my Princess 5k video recap.

5.) Blue Minnie for the 2016 Princess 5k

I have a deep love for anything Minnie as proved by the way I’ve dressed as her three other times. But this Blue Minnie is my favorite! I made the ears from sparkle foam board with a silver bow and I added removable yard sale stickers to a royal blue Sparkle Athletic skirt. The blue Fila shirt from Kohl’s is a bargain and they have nice short sleeves and tanks so I had different options in case the weather changed. The blue leggings are cotton ones bought off of Amazon – very comfortable, but I wouldn’t wear them for something longer than a 5k.

My Favorite Running Customes for runDisney

Click here to see my 2016 Princess 5k video recap!

4.) Aurora for the 2016 Princess 10k

When my group of gals decided to dress as our favorite princesses for the 2016 Princess 10k, my automatic choice was Mulan since girlfriend never needed need a princely rescue. I had this awesome vision for a great costume, but as the race neared closer … I realized there was no way I could pull it off.

Enter Aurora. She’s a bit of a snooze (ba-dum-dum,) but this was easy to put together since I own lots of pink. Must say I’m rather proud of how this one came together! The trim was made from sewing two pieces of white ribbon in a V and pinning it to the front and bank of a Fila tank top to allow for movement. I already had a pink sun sleeves and pink Sparkle Athletic skirt and the crown was made from a cheap foam crown visor bought from JoAnne Fabrics and spray-painted gold, so this entire outfit cost around $3.00. Not too shabby!

My Favorite Running Costumes for runDisney Races

3.) Elvis for the 2016 WDW Half Marathon

My Favorite Running Costumes for runDisney RacesThis costume actually ties with my No. 2 based on the sheer amount of fun Ginny and I had wearing it for the 2016 WDW Half Marathon! We even had the raised lip smile down, thank ya very much. Funniest moment was when this sweet British gal asked, “Are you Elvis?” in her accent. It became the catchphrase of our race! (Oh, and bonus–Elvis’ birthday was actually the day before. Something we were not aware of until later.)

While the red leggings ended up being a tad uncomfortable, (saggy crotch is never fun,) the rest was easy to put together thanks to Ginny’s Amazon hunting skills and a Sparkle Athletic white skirt. I’m actually thinking of wearing this again for 2017’s WDW Half Marathon. Make it my tradition! (And save some $$$.)

My Favorite Running Costumes for runDisney Races

Our 2016 WDW Half Marathon video recap.

2.) Donald Duck for the 2016 WDW 10k and 2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon

I’ve always been partial to Donald because his colors are fabulous! So when we decided to go as the Fab 4 for the 2016 WDW 10k, I called dibs. Fast.

Sewing the yellow ribbon onto my blue Fila shirt was a lot harder than I thought it’d be, but it does give an illusion of a sailor cape. I made the bow and buttons from felt and added my white Sparkle Athletic skirt and yellow leggings. My plan was to wear a blue headband, but the rainy weather had me grabbing my gunmetal Sparkle Athletic visor instead that Ginny topped with a yellow bondi band. I loved this!!

My Favorite Running Costumes for runDisney Races

How much did I love this? So much so that I ended up wearing it again for the 2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon a few months later, only this time I wore a white Lululemon skirt and royal blue Sparkle Athletic visor instead.

My Favorite Running Costumes for runDisney Races

My 2016 WDW 10k and 2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon video recaps.

1.) Jesse for the 2016 Disneyland Country Bears 5k

Jackey and I were excited about the Disneyland 5k the moment we found out the theme was Country Bears! We wanted to do something Western-like but also colorful and fun. Enter Jessie, the Yodeling Cowgirl, (although we can’t yodel.) But this costume was fun and easy to put together with my favorite royal Blue Sparkle Athletic skirt, yellow tank, cowprint socks, and ears bought from an Etsy shop.

*Side note about the ears … while they were super cute, they were super uncomfortable thanks to the rigid plastic headband that poked behind our ears! I ripped mine out and hot-glued the fabric to a more comfortable headband.

Oh and about the red trim on Jackey’s tank top. I ran out of time. #Procrastination struck again!

My Favorite Running Customes from runDisney races!

Our 2016 Disneyland Country Bears 5k video.

Now it’s your turn! QOTD: What’s your favorite costume? Or do you plan on wearing one in an upcoming race?

Have a joyful day and happy running!


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