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GoSili Reusable Straws: It’s Time for a Change

Disclaimer: I received Gosili Straws to review as part of being a BibRavePro. Learn more about becoming a BibRavePro (ambassador) and check out to review, find and write reviews!

About a month ago while scrolling through Facebook I came across a post about a sea turtle who had a straw stuck up its nose. There was a video of someone with pliers trying to gently pull it out while the turtle bled from his nostrils. It broke my heart. Many remember the scene in “Finding Nemo” where Crush answers how long do sea turtles live, 152 years! I think back 152 years ago, straws weren’t even invented yet. Now all these years later over 500 million straws are tossed out A DAY!!!

I started thinking about my own straw consumption. Every day before school 2 of my sons drink their Carnation Instant Breakfast from straws, their juice boxes have straws. If we go eat we all get straws. How can I limit it? I heard about metal straws and considered only to hear on news shortly after how someone fell and their medal straw went through their eye! Ok, I’m clumsy this may not be a good option.

Then through Bibrave, I had this opportunity to test some Gosili Silicone Straws. I absolutely love these. They don’t feel weird in my mouth & they’re easy to clean. They come in different sizes, thicker, long straws, or standard. And my favorite they come in a small tin (similar to Altoid container) they fold up inside there and can be carried in pocket or purse.

They also carry many other products. I’m planning to get reusable sandwich bags we spend a lot on all year plus would be good for the environment!

Check out for a chance to get yourself some of these and be part of a much-needed change for our planet!

Jackey Deschamps

Jackey is a 39 (omg almost 40) year old mom of three boys from Buffalo, NY. She loves anything 80’s and believes she was born ten years later than her soul. She love to sing, dance and make music videos and she's a huge Buffalo Bills fan! After being a stay at home mom for 10 years, Jackey has recently re-entered the work force as a customer service agent for Southwest Airlines, which is perfect for her love of traveling (free flights) and traveling to run races.

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