Our Top 10 Disneyland Must-Do List!
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Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend: Our Top 10 Disneyland Must Do List!

Not gonna lie. Jackey and I are BEYOND EXCITED about runDisney’s Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend for so many reasons! Like the theme, THE THEME … Pixar! PIXAR, how awesome will that be?? And this weekend is one of our absolute favorites out of all the runDisney events. Add to the fact that there are a TON of new things and reopened attractions at Disneyland and California Adventure and we’re two happy puppies. What exactly are we excited about? Well, here you go!

For the larger, unedited version of our Joyful Miles Podcast chat, give this a listen:

Our Top 10 Disneyland Must-Do List!

1.) Doing another Disneyland Snacks video

As someone who’s been on a diet since fifth grade and has some lingering issues with food … it was beyond awesome chucking those issues aside during last year’s Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend and filming us trying awesome Disneyland snacks! After all, it was for research!

Jackey and I have a list of new snacks to try plus we’re going back to some of our favorites, like for me … the jalapeno cheese pretzel. Yum!

Best Disneyland Snacks

2.) Riding the Guardians of the Galaxy

I must admit, I was the one who expressed extreme reservation over the beloved Tower of Terror being rethemed in a previous Jammin’ on the Run Guardians of the Galaxy vs. Tower of Terror episode. But … yeah. I am kind of excited about riding the new version after hearing some phenomenal reviews.

But I’m still being reserved, though, until I experience it for myself!

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3.) Fantasmic!!

Fantasmic will be opening on July 19th and I CANNOT WAIT to see the Disneyland version! I remember being so blown away when we first saw it as a family in Disney World and I’m very curious if it will have the same magical charm. Of course, we’d love to do a dining package, but Jackey and I agreed to be on a strict budget for this trip … especially now that we’re kicking around the idea to go to Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend just to cheer!

4.) Seeing World of Color!

Jackey has already seen World of Color, but I’ve yet to, mostly because late at night, I’ve been too tired or there was a change of plans. But seeing as how one of my absolute favorite part of any Disneyland race course is going through Paradise Pier, this is an absolute must for me!

5.) Riding the Disneyland Railroad!

This will be a first for me as well, and I CANNOT WAIT!! (Yeah, I know, I know, I keep saying that. I’ll try to temper my excitement.) After seeing an awesome video on Fresh Baked’s channel, one of my favorite Disney YouTubers, about his Top 10 Disneyland Bucket List items, I now have it on my own bucket list to sit in the rear Lilly Belle car that was named after and decorated according to Walt Disney’s wife, Lilly Belle.

But hey. Just being able to ride it will be fine for me this time around!

6.) Rivers of America!

This is another attraction that will be opening in July that I’ve never experienced yet. I don’t even know what it is! And you know what? I don’t plan on finding out! I want to be surprised.

7.) Ride in the front of the Monorail!

Another thing on Fresh Baked’s bucket list is to ride in the front seat of the monorail! Consider that on mine now as well because it looks AWESOME!

Jackey and I already accomplished another one of his bucket list items … riding on the Tea Cups during the parade. We did this during the Tink Half Marathon Weekend when the Paint the Night Parade was still at Disneyland. And we didn’t just ride it once. We rode it again and again and again until my head spun but it was worth every single nauseous moment!

And speaking of parades …

8.) See the Electrical Parade!

I was really sad to see this leave Disney World and although Paint the Night will always be my absolute favorite parade, I’m really looking forward to viewing this at Disneyland, right on Main Street, where Walt, himself, once walked!

ETA: Sniff. The Electrical Parade will have ended by the time we get there. Double Sniff. 🙁

9.) Daily Vlogging

During past runDisney vacations, I’ve always gone with the intention of doing daily vlogs. But trying to get plenty of race footage as well as fun videos such as favorite snacks, (and our horrible singing,) while also … you know … enjoying my vacation has been really hard! Plus our channel really isn’t about Disney. I’d love it to be, but I’m having a hard enough time keeping up with running and runDisney content as it is!

Still. I’d love to incorporate more Disney magic into Joyful Miles so I’m once again going with a daily vlogging goal.

Our #Disneyland Must-Do List for the #runDisney #DisneylandHalf weekend! What's on yours? @cignatogether #werunsocial Click To Tweet

10.) Getting lots of CHARACTER PHOTOS!

One thing Jackey and I have in common, (among many,) is our absolute love of getting as many character photos as possible, even if it means doing less rides. And as far as character photos go, we both think that Disneyland is tops over Disney World. There’s more opportunities for spontaneous meets and special interactions. One of my favorites is when Jackey had us at just the right place for when Cruella deVil came out and she had this wonderful interaction with our friend, James. Such a lovely memory and I’m looking forward to making more!

And something we failed to mention in the podcast and video is …

BONUS: Trying out the new Disney Max Pass System!

Woo-HOO, we didn’t know about this at the time of your podcast and YouTube taping, but the new digital fastpass system will be up and running, (and have any bugs worked out,) by the time we arrive! Paying an extra $10.00 is well worth the money to keep from having to haul booty for paper fastpasses, so I’m absolutely checking it out.

So there you go, everything we’re excited about for the Disneyland Half Marathon. What about you?

QOTD: If you’re going to be at runDisney’s Disneyland Half Marathon, what are you most looking for?

Thanks for reading and have a joyful day!


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