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2015 runDisney Enchanted 10k

Originally posted at laurabowers.net on October 9, 2015. I’m updating my author website by moving all older runDisney and running content here!


And the (horribly late) recapping continues! Today’s topic is runDisney’s Enchanted 10k, the first part of the Glass Slipper Challenge!

The weather was nicer than it was for the 5k … high 40’s maybe? … but I learned a humidity lesson: When the temps are low, high humidity makes it feel colder. When temps are high, humidity makes it feel warmer.

I felt colder.


This is what I had planned on wearing. (What, no pink? Shocker!) But I decided to switch to a long sleeve, adding the cute Tiger applique one of my running pals made me. (She based it on felt, so it could be sewn to different shirts. Clever!) I also switched to long pants, but packed capris in my gEAR bag just in case.

As mentioned in my Frozen 5k recap, I didn’t get any sleep on Thursday night. Surely this would mean my weariness would knock me out on Friday night, right?


Again. Very little sleep, only an hour or so, something that I have since learned how to avoid. But whatever, carry on, I was out the door by 3:00am and on the first bus … where once again, that same gal was enjoying her same coffee, giving me the same desire to tackle her because I didn’t think to stop by the food court for one.

I have my eye on you, coffee gal.

I just love these ladies!

For the life of me, I can’t remember if they had any pre-race characters out. If they did, I’d surely be in line, seeing as how I’m a CPA, (character photo addict.) So I’m guessing …. no? Sigh. This is what happens when it takes you almost eight months to do a recap. I promise to be better.

Whatever the case, around this time, I started worrying that my long pants would be too hot. So my lovely ladies opened up their disposable blankets and circled around me as I changed back into capris. Good call. I definitely would have been too warm without them.


Afterwards, I headed to Corral A and had lovely conversation with this gal … whose name I can’t remember, eight months and all. But she was sweet. And so was the preshow. Miss America was there on behalf of The Children’s Miracle Network and they played a video with several special needs kids giving us pointers which warmed our hearts and brought tears to our eyes.

Soon, Rudy and Carissa were sending us on our merry, magical way!


The course was similar to the Frozen 5k, only this time, we ran along the highway before entering World Showcase and looped around the Boardwalk before returning to Epcot. Some folks aren’t big fans of this, but the more chances I get to run through World Showcase, the better!

Once again, Anna and Elsa were stationed on a bridge, giving us encouraging words and sprinkles of snow. Sorry for the blurry photo – this is a screenshot of video I took. I’m hoping to have the video recap done soon!


Like last year, the first character stop was the White Rabbit! I’m looking quite cozy with him, aren’t I?


Next up was Tinkerbell and Periwinkle, (I totally looked her name up,) dressed in cute faux fur jackets! The line was on the longish side, but well worth it. They were adorable!


There was nothing between miles 2 and 3 until we came upon these colorful guys. Not sure exactly what they were supposed to represent, but whatever, their costumes were gorgeous so this CPA got a picture!


We then entered World Showcase. Sigh. This part never fails to give me chills!


The good thing about carrying only my iPhone is a lighter load and ability to upload to social media. The bad thing is poor quality photos. Hmm, iPhone 5c, I think it’s time to upgrade ya.


After World Showcase, we ran through the International Gateway and headed toward the Boardwalk. The views here are always stunning and I love the sound of pounding feet on wood planks! And who’s that I see? BASEBALL DONALD? Why, yes, please!

Notice anything wrong with this picture? Look closely. The answer is coming soon.
Notice anything wrong with this picture? Look closely. The answer is coming soon.

It’s always wonderful seeing so many spectators along the Boardwalk, cheering, waving pom poms, and posters despite the early hour. I truly appreciate each and every one of them … and a photo of Ryan Gossling?

Oh yes. I will stop for him, each and every time.


Now, remember me asking what was wrong with my Baseball Donald picture? If you answered that my bib was pinned on upside down then you, dear reader, are quite correct.

See, here’s the story. While waiting in line for Marie, I re-pinned my bib to below my running belt, because it kept hitting my applique and was, in general, bugging me. Then while waiting for Donald, I moved it back because it hitting my running skirt bugged me even more. #Ibugeasily #GodIamfussy Unfortunately, I had a little problem with my ups and downs. Thank goodness I came upon a running buddy who set me straight before getting this photo with Princess Minnie.

Ah, much better!
Ah, much better!
Poor Goofy is looking a little down here. Canceled space flight, perhaps?
Poor Goofy is looking a little down here. Canceled space flight, perhaps?

Unfortunately, seeing the six mile marker meant the adventure was almost over, too soon!


After getting my gorgeous, gorgeous purple medal, I gathered my snack box, gEAR bag, and meandered to the family area, texting friends to see where they’re at. I’m so grateful that I packed a knit hat and yoga pants. I would have been seriously chilled otherwise, since I’m a big head sweater.

Oh, and I forgot to mention those gloves! I had picked up a bunch of them at Target that were touchpad friendly. Thank goodness for them. It would have been chilly taking them off for each picture!

I'm not entirely sure, but I think this is my first photo with Belle!
I’m not entirely sure, but I think this is my first photo with Belle!

That’s Megan on the left, who will be running Dopey next year with me, and Leslie – my Wine & Dine after party partner in crime!

I LOVE this picture! Leslie looks so joyous and happy!
I LOVE this picture! Leslie looks so joyous and happy!

After going back to All Stars for a much needed shower, Bob and I hung around Epcot for the rest of the day, grateful for the sunshine!

That’s Amy and Anna, two of the sweetest sisters around, and Anna’s husband beside Bob!

We then met up with more friends at La Cava in Mexico, and later had dinner at the resort before turning in at 8:00. My dinner included a beer to help with my sleeping woes. Did it?

Oh. My. Gosh.

I slept like a baby and felt totally refreshed for the Princess Half Marathon, which I’ll talk about in my next recap! Until then, thanks for reading this!

Laura Bowers

Laura is a writer, runner, reader, runDisney addict, blogger, vlogger, wife to an amazing guy for 26 years, mom of two wonderful boys, excellent chili maker, and obsessive list keeper. She still thinks Spice World was an awesome movie and feels no shame about that plus she can quote most lines from Talladega Nights. Shake and bake!

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