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runDisney Tips Round Up: Everything You Need to Know about Running at Disney!

With 38 runDisney races under my running belt, I’ve learned a thing or two about running at Disney! So with the 2018 WDW Marathon Weekend right around the corner, I’ve put together a list of all our past runDisney tips blog posts as well as YouTube videos and podcast recordings. Hope this helps and if [...]

Joyful Miles Podcast

This week we take some time to answer your Dopey questions! We don’t mean that as an insult! With almost 2 weeks to go, we want to make sure you are all prepared to tackle the Dopey Challenge! Laura references Jen Sorenson’s guest post which can be found here. We also reference Stephen Goldman’s guest post [...]

Six Quick Packing Tips for runDisney's Dopey Challenge

And the runDisney tips continue! Yesterday, I shared my Top 20 Must Packs for runDisney’s Goofy and Dopey Challenge. Today, I’m going to wrap up this topic by giving you six of my very best packing tips for both before and after arriving at Disney World! For a more complete suggestion post that’s applicable to [...]


Top 20 runDisney Must Pack Items!

Top Twenty Must Packs for runDisney's Dopey Challenge

Hard to believe there’s only 18 DAYS until runDisney’s 2018 WDW Marathon Weekend, yikes! With my injury challenges this past year, I’m not as trained as I’d like to be, although cycling, strength training, and PiYo has greatly improved my conditioning. And if there’s one area I’m always prepared … by jolly, it’s packing! So [...]


Tips for Cheering at runDisney’s WDW Marathon!

Tips for Cheering at runDisney's WDW Marathon Weekend!

Can there really only be 20 DAYS until runDisney’s WDW Marathon Weekend??? <<<don’t panic, Laura, it will all be okay.>>> We’ve shared many runDisney tips before, but we don’t have much cheering experience for marathon weekend. So we brought in a pro, our friend Stephen, to help you out! Enjoy and if you have any questions [...]

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Vlogtober is a WRAP: 31 Days of Content Complete!

Vlogtober is a WRAP!

For those who follow us on YouTube, you’ll know my October was quite crazy from a challenge I took on with Heather Jergensen from Running with Grace: Vlogtober! That’s where content creators post a video every single day … which was waayyyy too much for us to take on by ourselves, so we took turns [...]