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Weekly Workout Recap and Injury Update!

Right now, it’s a beautiful morning in San Antonio and I’m enjoying a lovely cup of coffee outside on a porch swing and questioning why we live in a cold state! I could seriously get used to this awesome warm weather!

CORRECTION: We were in Texas last weekend but now I’m in Maryland where the weather isn’t as lovely! That was the opening of my original recap that I was supposed to publish last Sunday but in all of our travel fun, I forgot to flip the switch. Doh! So I’m doubling down this Sunday to catch up.

Oh, and btw, I got the idea to do weekly recaps by Carlee McDot. I just love her blog and these posts are helping me to stay accountable, so I will definitely continue in the new year!

Anyway, we were in Texas for two reasons … to visit family and so Kimberly and I could run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon! I couldn’t run due to a foot sprain, but that’s okay, it is what it is. Instead, I had a total blast seeing Kimberly off at the starting line and then scooting around San Antonio with my son, Cooper, trying to find her on the course with no luck but lots of laughs. The after-party was amazing as was watching the Baltimore Ravens win at the River Walk! More details on RnR coming soon.

Quick update about my foot: I finally saw my orthopedic surgeon last Thursday. He agrees with my general practitioner that it’s a mild sprain since my metatarsals feel great and my X-rays show no fracture. I did get another lecture about my calves being tight … which is frustrating since I’ve been stretching my rear off for three weeks as well as foam rolling, getting massages and using the new Jawku Muscle Gun I bought at the expo.

He did give me clearance to run/walk the 2020 WDW Goofy Challenge since I’ve done a good job of keeping my conditioning up. But I need to triple up my stretching efforts in the next three weeks! He also suggested that I rethink doing marathons in the future, but that’s a topic for another day. Instead, here’s what I’ve been up to in the past couple of weeks:

Monday, December 2nd

Total rest with no stretching, foam rolling, or muscle rolling. My legs felt sore and beaten up from the previous day so I worried about overdoing it. Instead, I spent the day tackling a massive to-do list that only seemed to grow as the day progressed!

Oh, and I got my Christmas shopping done for my sister-in-law. One down, sixteen more to go! From me to you:

Tuesday, December 3rd

Gotta admit. My habits have been sucking this month. I was dressed and ready to work out by 6:00 am after meditating, scripting and doing morning pages (a total life-saver for my mental health,) but instead of heading straight to our basement gym, I got involved with business work, tasks, and then … gah, social media, all of which could have waited until later.

So I didn’t do my 80 Day Obsession Day 15: Total Body Core until around 8:45 pm. And I also totally called it in … pausing to reply to comments on Facebook, sending messages, etc. (Social media and I don’t always work well together.) No cycling or rolling, either, just lots of stretching since I’m … bum-bum-baaaa … getting a massage the next day, woo-HOOOO!!!!

Wednesday, December 4th

Some lessons were learned today.

First off, I learned that on the day of a full-body, deep tissue massage, you should not do an hour’s worth of 80DO Booty (Day 16,) plus 30 minutes on the bike with ab work, (Cardio Core Day 17,) because getting an hour massage itself is exhausting!!!

The second lesson was … Lawd Almighty, I needed that massage. I need many massages and not just for my legs but all over, especially my neck and shoulders.

Twenty years ago, I did get physical therapy on the muscles knots in my shoulder that seriously bad due to tension and stress. But, typical me, I quit after a few weeks because I had babies to take care of, a business to help run, chores to do, etc. Back then, the therapist told me that if I didn’t get them worked out, I’d have a lot of issues when I’m older.

Well, I’m older. I have issues. Many issues.

So immediately after my massage, I signed up for a membership at Massage Envy. I didn’t even ask for details first. I just told the receptionist to get the enrollment started because I NEED THIS. I need to stop viewing massages as a luxury and I need to start taking my self-care seriously.

Turns out, it’s a pretty good deal. (Not that I have much experience in that department.) $70.00 per month which includes one 60-minute service, (massage, facial, or stretching, etc.) Then any additional 60-minute services will cost just $50.00 although I might have to bump up to 90 minutes since I have so many trouble areas.

Like the Grand Pooba of Muscle Knots in my left shoulder … it’s so big and nasty that it actually crunched when she worked on it. My muscles crunched. If that ain’t a sign of trouble, I don’t know what is. And afterward, I felt so nauseous, sick, and sore with a monster-sized headache all evening, regardless of how much water, detox juice, and detox tea I drank.

Thursday, December 5th

I woke feeling pretty good, all things considered, so I got through a highly modified 80DO Day 18: AAA and 45 minutes on the bike to substitute Day 20: Cardio Flow followed by plenty of stretching and light rolling. Sometime over the weekend while we’re in Texas, I’ll get in a short floor leg workout for Day 19: Legs, but we’re doing a lot of walking and standing, so I might hold off on that until I’m back home.

I also think packing should be considered a workout. 😉

Friday, December 6th

Howdy, Texas! No workout for me, we hung out with family and enjoyed the lovely weather instead!

Saturday, December 7th

We woke early for coffee and visiting with Bob’s brother and sister-in-law, Mickey and Ginger. Since it was going to be a busy day, I only stretched and rolled for 30 minutes.

My doctor did suggest wearing my boot for a while longer, especially since we were going to be doing lots of walking this weekend. Today, we visited the Buckhorn Saloon and had lunch at the River Walk before heading to the Expo!

Sunday, December 8th

My workout today was scooting around San Antonio with my son, Cooper, in our crazy attempt to see Kimberly on the course! Due to road closures and some incorrect directions, we had no luck but tons of laughs. Instead, we cheered for Kimberly at the finish line and chatted with some amazing friends who crushed the race!!

More on this race soon but we’ve already decided that we’re coming back next year since Kimberly LOVED the course and I need a redo!

Monday, December 9th

Thirty minutes of stretching then rolling and trying out my new massage gun! It was a TOTAL impulse buy at the expo … normally, I research the heck out of things and read reviews, but I LOVE IT!!

And I loved hanging out in Downtown San Antonio with my family, seeing the Alamo, doing some Christmas shopping, and visiting the San Fernando Cathedral!

Tuesday, December 10th

More stretching, more focused muscle massaging with my new toy!

Goodbye, Texas!

Wednesday, December 11th

Since we didn’t get home until 11:00 pm the night before and I had my second massage schedule, I took a rest day with only some light stretching.

As for my massage … oh Lawd. I gave the gal full clearance to go to town on my muscle knots with a promise to speak up if it hurts too much. My shoulders ached for DAYS and I was once again nauseous and in desperate need of a nap afterward!

Thursday, December 12th

Speeding things up here, since this post is getting long!

80 Day Obsession Day 18: AAA (repeat) but no cycling since I didn’t want to risk agitating my foot since I was seeing my orthopedic surgeon that afternoon.

Friday, December 13th

80DO Day 19: Booty substitution with this video since it’s all on the floor and still effective as heck, especially since I have been doubling up with my resistance loops! (Affiliate link.) No cycling, though, since my foot was sore from my examination.

Saturday, December 14th

80 DO Day 20: Cardio Flow with cycling for one hour as a substitution and 80 DO Day 21: Total Body Core.

Whew! All caught up!

Thanks for reading this very long post and I hope you’re having an AMAZING holiday season so far!

About the author: Laura is a writer, runner, reader, runDisney addict, blogger, vlogger, wife to an amazing guy for 26 years, mom of two wonderful boys, excellent chili maker, and obsessive list keeper. She still thinks Spice World was an awesome movie and feels no shame about that plus she can quote most lines from Talladega Nights. Shake and bake!

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