French Gals & Guys Group Running Costumes: Joyful Miles

French Gals & Guys Group Running Costume: Wine & Dine Half Marathon!

Hey Joyful Milers, looking to add a little oo-la-la to your Wine & Dine Half Marathon experience? Oui? Awesome, then join us in our first large Joyful Miles group costume as French Gals & Guys! The costume is easy to customize … white and black striped shirt, black bottoms, a beret and neck scarf. Toss in some …

How to Make a Wilderness Explorer Russell Running Costume

How to Make a Wilderness Explorer Running Costume

Hello, Russell fans, want to add some Up to your next runDisney event or other race? Awesome, we had so much fun as Wilderness Explorers, (2017 Disneyland 5k,) and you will, too! It’s time-consuming, but certainly worth the effort and it’s on our list of Top Ten runDisney Running Costumes! So. I can’t help you …

The Joyful Miles Podcast

Podcast Episode 54: Our Favorite runDisney Running Costumes!

Happy Friday! In this episode, Jackey and Laura share their favorite past runDisney running costumes, future ones they want to try, and tips for making your own. If you’d like to see photos, watch this video on our YouTube channel and as always, thanks for listening and have a joyful day!

How to Make a Running Costume for runDisney Races or Others!

The four of us Joyful Milers love to run in costumes … even Rob! They are a great way to add excitement and fun to a race, whether it’s a local 5k, a major race, or runDisney event! Jackey gave some advice back in September and I’ve shared my Five Favorite Running Costumes, but with Disney’s …

My Favorite Running Costumes | Friday Five

My Favorite Running Costumes! | Friday Five

I wasn’t much of a costume gal when my runDisney addiction first started in 2013. A lack of time and my major procrastination issues always had me scrambling last-minute for something to wear. But lately, I’ve been upping my runDisney costume game because it’s so fun running in something colorful, festive, and oh-so-Disney! Better yet is when you do a group costume for friends! So …