Disneyland's 2017 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Race Recaps | Jammin' on the Run

Disneyland’s 2017 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend | Jammin on the Run

Want the scoop on runDisney’s 2017 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend held in Disneyland? Awesome, we have tons of scoops for you over on our Joyful Miles YouTube channel from the expo to half marathon with some chats about the 10k race bib bandit in between.

2016 New York City Marathon Video Recap

2016 New York City Marathon | Jammin’ On The Run

In our latest Jammin’ On The Run episode, we chat with our dear friend, ShaeLee Diaz about 2016’s New York City Marathon experience! This video runs longer than normal, but she gives lots of information about the course and her training process. And how we should all invest in a $3.00 robe at the thrift …

Disney's Wine & Dine Haf Marathon Weekend Round Up

Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend Round Up

We are now caught up with all our blog recaps, video recaps, and Jammin’ On The Run chats for Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend! Missed any? No problem, I have them all listed here in one neat, tidy round up. Enjoy, and if you were at Wine & Dine, I hope you had a …

2016 Chicago Marathon Video Recaps

2016 Chicago Marathon Video Recaps

I must admit to being completely bummed on the day of the Chicago Marathon from missing it due to a foot injury. I ended up eating an entire pizza by myself, (granted–it was only a medium, but still,) and I wrote a depressing blog post about my injury … which considering my state of mind, was the same …

Jammin' on the Run: Our new weekly chat on YouTube!

Jammin’ On The Run: Our new weekly YouTube chat!

I really LOVE YouTube! And while our channel is nowhere near perfected yet, I’ve been having a total blast filming vlogs, making race recaps, learning more about YouTube, and trying new things. One of which is Jammin’ On The Run, our new weekly feature where we chat about running, runDisney, Disney, and anything else that pops in …