Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Medal Reveal!

FINALLY! The wait is over for us 2017 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend runners who have been excited about getting a glimpse of what the very first Pixar-themed runDisney medals. I mean, come on, all those awesome announcements made at the D23 Expo were great, but we want the bling! We finally had our curiosity filled …

Our Top 10 Disneyland Must-Do List!

Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend: Our Top 10 Disneyland Must Do List!

Not gonna lie. Jackey and I are BEYOND EXCITED about runDisney’s Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend for so many reasons! Like the theme, THE THEME … Pixar! PIXAR, how awesome will that be?? And this weekend is one of our absolute favorites out of all the runDisney events. Add to the fact that there are a …

We're Registered for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!

“Accidental” runDisney Registrations … we’re in for the Disneyland Double Dare Challenge!

We’re still not quite sure how it happened. Maybe there’s a runDisney virus on our computers that ran rampant with our credit card info? But for some reason … Jackey and I woke to find ourselves registered for the Disneyland Double Dare Challenge! And what’s more odd is how our flights are booked, too … …

Disneyland Half Marathon 2016 Race Recap

Disneyland Half Marathon 2016 Race Recap | runDisney

This was my second Disneyland Half Marathon, and I will say that the weather in 2016 was definitely better. The humidity was low and the temperatures were great for running – especially after the heat and humidity of the East Coast summer. My friends were giddy with excitement for round 2 of the Disney Double-Dare Half …

Disneyland Country Bears 5k 2016 Race Recap

Disneyland Country Bears 5k 2016 Race Recap | runDisney

Happy Tuesday! Continuing with our Disneyland Half Marathon recaps that Laura started with the Expo, the two of us recently completed the Disneyland Country Bears 5k and I have to say: This is one of my ALL-TIME favorite runDisney races and I’m so excited to share my experience!