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Skincare for Mature Skin: 52 and Fighting!

I’m not a beauty blogger. Not even close!

However. After a long, gorgeous summer with me obsessing about sun protection but also slacking with my pro-aging skincare routine, (yes, darlings, I no longer use the negative “anti-aging” term,) I’m doubling down with my efforts this fall. I’m talking about lotions, potions, peels, microcurrent, intense pulsed light therapy, red light therapy, derma-rolling, Gua Sha, I’m getting back to it all.

And why have I slacked with my skincare routine?

Self-sabotage. Plain and simple.

You are correct, dear RuPaul.

Call it depression, call it extreme frustration with Covid, politics, and all-around craziness. But it’s all good. A new season is upon us, one full of fresh slates, crisp notebooks, and beautiful reboots. And this time around, I’m going to start blogging about my efforts, sharing my favorite products, gadgets, resources, and results for anyone who is interested!

Here’s where I’ll be linking all skincare-related posts!

Alrighty, then. Where to start?

First off, I absolutely LOVE my age and I’m grateful for my long life. After all, it’s better being a 52-year-old than a dead 51-year-old. This is why I’ve eliminated anti-aging from my vocabulary, other than the occasional slip-ups. It evokes a negative feeling about aging, and what’s wrong with aging?

I mean, we like to live, right?

Absolutely right.

I’m also a perimenopausal gal with a lotta skin damage … some of it I accept, some I want to change.

Besides the years of time, there are several other factors that have contributed to my pre-mature aging.

1.) Sun damage:

I grew up as a farm kid who was always outdoors with no sunscreen on, except for the rare occasions we went to a pool. But even then, my only sun protection was Coppertone SPF 4.

Raise your hand if you remember this ad:

Fun Fact: Jodie Foster was the model!

Then in my late teens and early twenties, I sunbathed with baby oil. Lawd have mercy. If I listen hard enough, I can still hear the sizzle.

And then the worst offender … tanning beds with their whopping amounts of UV rays, especially UVA, the aging rays! I did have the wherewithal to cover my face with a towel during each session, but still. Lots of damage from those bad boys.

2.) Smoking:

Yep, I was a smoker for about fifteen years which is BEYOND terrible for your health and skin! So if you’re a smoker, I beg you to stop. Seriously. Please stop.

Here’s a post about how I finally kicked the habit. My steps were extreme, but they worked!

3.) Bulimia:

I still haven’t fully dived into this topic, but I was also bulimic for about twenty-five years. Not a pleasant time. Lots of self-damage. One day soon, I’ll open up fully about my eating disorders.

4.) Stress:

I’ve had some years where stress and nonstop worry nearly did me in … 2012 was especially painful with me often lying on my kitchen floor, crying. Back then, I suffered from frequent migraines, one of which put me in the hospital.

Add in poor genetics, a lifetime of sleeping on my side, wayyyyy too much alcohol, (especially in my early twenties,) and other factors, and there you go. The reasons why I sometimes hate my skin and why I’ve spent a FORTUNE on skincare products in the past, which brings me to…

My Skin Self-Sabotage

So here’s the thing.

I’m great at buying pricey products and the latest beauty device trends. But for the longest time, I’ve absolutely SUCKED at using them, often going to bed with my makeup on which made absolutely no sense.

I mean, if someone hates their skin, surely they’d make an effort to improve it, right?


I was often lazy, opting to drink a couple of beers in the evening and then falling asleep on the sofa with the TV on instead of washing my face. And in the morning, I’d curse myself from my constant self-sabotage that I’d repeat the next night.


I mean, honestly. Why do any of us resist doing the things that make us feel better? Was my deep-seated insecurity telling me I wasn’t worth it? Or that it wouldn’t work, my skin was beyond fixing so why bother?

Time to move on…

Okay, that’s enough negative talk, there, Laura.

There’s no reason to fill this blog post with any more shoulda, woulda, coulda … I’m pretty sure you got the point. 😉 And while age might have done a number on my skin, it’s also given me the wisdom to know that mental beatdowns and remorse won’t get me anywhere.

And on a good note, my dermatologist complimented my skin during my last annual skin exam, meaning my efforts, however lackadaisical at times, are paying off!

He also said I didn’t need Botox which I didn’t quite believe … I mean, come ON … but hey. It still made me feel good!

So what are my goals?

Well, I’m not trying to look 30 again or get rid of all my wrinkles, that’s for sure. I’d need surgery and a couple of dunkings in the mystic Fountain of Youth at Ponce de León for that to happen!

What I do believe is possible is:

  • Improving my skin tone and texture.
  • Fading my hyperpigmentation, aka sun spots … those little bastards are everywhere.
  • Tighten and firm loose skin.
  • Hair removal with an IPL (intense pulsed light,) device.
  • Getting rid of spider veins with the IPL as well!

And above all else, I just want to look refreshed, like I’ve had a great night’s sleep! I’m not expecting miracles, here, folks. I just want to feel good in my own skin!

Why am I writing about this?

I’m hoping that writing a series about the products, devices, and techniques I’m using will help hold me accountable. I also want to share what I’ve learned for others who want to improve their own skin. If so, be sure to subscribe for blog post updates! And let me know if this is something you’d like to see YouTube videos about as well.

Before I sign off, here’s a little preview of what I’m up against and the results I’m starting to see already:

This isn’t the best photo comparison – the before pic on the left was taken outside with my iPhone 8 in late 2018 and the one on the right was taken earlier this year with an iPhone 11. I’m going to be more consistent in the future, but the fact that my largest sunspot has shown some fading gives me hope! And thanks to regular care, my skin looked and felt healthier with a touch of a glow.

That’s all I want, folks, to glow again!

So there you go, an intro to my renewed skincare journey. Up next … my skincare routine! (Here’s a preview: I’m going to be talking about Hot & Flashy’s AMAZING YouTube channel for those with mature skin. If you haven’t already, be sure to check Angie’s channel out!)

Thanks for reading and if it’s now your bedtime … go wash your face!

Laura Bowers

Laura is a writer, runner, reader, runDisney addict, blogger, vlogger, wife to an amazing guy for 26 years, mom of two wonderful boys, excellent chili maker, and obsessive list keeper. She still thinks Spice World was an awesome movie and feels no shame about that plus she can quote most lines from Talladega Nights. Shake and bake!

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