Tips for Making a Running Costume
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Running in a Costume?? Go for it!

Are you a runner? Do you do races? Have you ever ran in a costume? While it may not be for everyone, if you’re on the fence, I say Go For It!!!  Through my four years running RunDisney races with and without costumes, I’ve found it’s a fun and creative way to enhance your running experience if it’s done the right way!

Tips for Making a Running Costume | runDisney

This can be a quick decision using accessories you may already own or a deeply thought-out process that can take months. While it may sound crazy, yes, I’ve been part of the craziness. Especially if you are collaborating with friends. Things to consider:


Depending on time of year a costume can be a success or fail. Be prepared for all types of weather! Laura and I learned this the hard way during the 2015 WDW Half Marathon.


The longer the race, the more you want to consider comfort.  The costume may irritate your skin when you didn’t think it would. Perhaps test run in it beforehand.


Will your costume hold up in long distances or climates? Yes, it could rain the WHOLE race like it did for the 2014 Wine & Dine Half Marathon, so be sure it will still hold up.


So how do I decide what costume? First I try and think of something unique. However after four years of races that’s becoming a bit difficult. Then I see of any of my friends have a theme they’d like to dress up as together. I love big group themes!

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Sometimes you just can’t find that one idea everyone loves so you go with something solo. This can sometimes be much easier.


You can really get some great ideas online.  Many times I’ll search characters, or even google costumes or running costumes! Pinterest is also a great resource for gathering ideas that you can put your own spin on. Here’s our Pinterest Running Costumes board!

I purchase items via etsy, Amazon, eBay, Joann Fabric and Michaels if I’m feeling more creative. And even Walmart for things to enhance the costume.

disney race costumes
We purchased these shirts off Etsy!

I do suggest always bringing some scissors, needle, thread, even a glue gun when traveling in case touch ups are needed.

disney race costumes
We had to sew on our belt buckles the night before the Disneyland 5k!

Our Disneyland Country Bears 5k Recap

Regardless, this should be a fun way to show some creativity.  It also can make the races much more enjoyable since there’s nothing like someone cheering you on calling you by your character name! You just can’t help but smile. I highly recommend. I haven’t done a costume for every race, but looking back, the ones I have dressed up for seem to stand out a bit. Why not make the experience even more memorable?


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Jackey is a 39 (omg almost 40) year old mom of three boys from Buffalo, NY. She loves anything 80’s and believes she was born ten years later than her soul. She love to sing, dance and make music videos and she's a huge Buffalo Bills fan! After being a stay at home mom for 10 years, Jackey has recently re-entered the work force as a customer service agent for Southwest Airlines, which is perfect for her love of traveling (free flights) and traveling to run races.

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