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My Weekly Workout & Writing Wrap Up

Weekly Workout & Writing Wrap Up

Happy Sunday! I hope you had an amazing weekend and that you’re gearing up for a fantastic week!

If you listened to our Runner Burnout podcast, you know I’ve been dealing with burnout since May. Plus, not to get all dramatic, but Bob and I are stressed from situations beyond our control. So yeah, I’ve been clinging to any type of motivation I can find with both hands.

For me, report cards are a great motivator. So with this concept in mind, I’m jumping into the Weekly Workout Wrap Up blog link up that’s hosted by Holly from Hoho Runs and Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home! I’m also tossing in some writing as well since my goal is to finish three novels this year, two by October 30th and one during November’s National Novel Writing Month! (NaNoWriMo.) [continue reading…]

French Gals & Guys Group Running Costumes: Joyful Miles

Hey Joyful Milers, looking to add a little oo-la-la to your Wine & Dine Half Marathon experience? Oui? Awesome, then join us in our first large Joyful Miles group costume as French Gals & Guys!

The costume is easy to customize … white and black striped shirt, black bottoms, a beret and neck scarf. Toss in some black suspenders if you want some extra pop. (We’re skipping since they won’t work with our tank tops and they might be too fussy.) Jackey found hilarious fake French Breads but I worry she might bop Leslie and me in the head with them, LOL. (Even she admits the temptation would be too great.) Add in some red lipstick, chic sunglasses, and voilà, très merveilleux!

Now, we encourage you to wear whatever is comfortable and makes you feel good during the race, whether it’s shorts, capris, tanks, short-sleeves, whatever. But if you’re curious about what we’re wearing, here’s some links and suggestions! [continue reading…]

The Joyful Miles Podcast

Happy Friday! In this episode, Jackey and Laura share ways they save money for racecations and runDisney events. For links mentioned throughout the show, (and oh boy, there’s lots of them,) visit Laura’s runDisney Budgeting Tips blog post. Thanks for listening and have a joyful day!

[continue reading…]

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2018 Joyful Miles runDisney Meet Ups!

Hello, Joyful Milers, are you going to be at the 2018 Disneyland Paris and/or Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend? If so, awesome, we’d love to see you at our joint meet ups!

First up, Disneyland Paris!

We won’t be there, but our dear friend, Jennalyn, will be representing us by teaming up with the awesome Gerald Resnick from RezRuns. [continue reading…]

The Joyful Miles Podcast

We’ve talked about running motivation in Episode 56, but what if those tips don’t work? Jackey and Laura dig deep into the topic of runner burnout with definitions, warning signs, and ways we’re pulling ourselves out of our own running slumps. Laura also shares Mel Robbins’ 5 Second Rule, which has been an amazing help! Thanks for listening and as always, having a joyful day!

[continue reading…]

How to Make a Wilderness Explorer Russell Running Costume

Hello, Russell fans, want to add some Up to your next runDisney event or other race? Awesome, we had so much fun as Wilderness Explorers, (2017 Disneyland 5k,) and you will, too! It’s time-consuming, but certainly worth the effort and it’s on our list of Top Ten runDisney Running Costumes!

So. I can’t help you cross the street. I can’t help you cross your yard or porch. But I can help you create a fun, colorful costume! Here’s everything we used for ours. (Directions and links below.) For better visuals, be sure to watch my Disneyland Costume Vlog! [continue reading…]