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Pre-Training Tips for runDisney's Dopey Challenge!

If a credit card statement earlier this year made you clutch your chest and gasp while hollering, “I spent what????” then there’s a good chance you’ve registered for runDisney’s 2018 WDW Dopey Challenge.

Well, actually, in my household, it was my husband clutching his chest. Sorry, honey!

Money aside, AWESOME, you’re going to have an AMAZING time! Finishing the Dopey Challenge in 2016 was a highlight in my running career and I can’t wait to tackle the challenge again next January.

But back to you. So you signed up for the Dopey Challenge. Now what? With the countdown nearing 200 days, here’s some tips and things you can do now to make your experience a total success. [click to continue…]

2017 Buffalo Marathon Race Recap with a Jeff Galloway Encounter!

Have you or are you thinking about running the Buffalo Marathon? From what Jackey says, it’s an amazing race and one I’d certainly love to try in the future. In our latest Jammin’ on the Run chat over at YouTube, we chat about the 2017 Buffalo Marathon, including Jackey’s several encounters with Olympic runner, Jeff Galloway on the course and her first time trying a 15/15 split interval. [click to continue…]

Disneyland's 2017 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Race Recaps | Jammin' on the Run

Want the scoop on runDisney’s 2017 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend held in Disneyland? Awesome, we have tons of scoops for you over on our Joyful Miles YouTube channel from the expo to half marathon with some chats about the 10k race bib bandit in between. [click to continue…]

Disney's Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend 2017 Race Recaps

Happy Friday, everyone! None of us Joyful Milers were able to do runDisney’s 2017 Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend. So instead, we had Gerald Reznick from the RezRuns YouTube channel join us for a Jammin’ on the Run chat about the 10k and half marathon!

Those who cannot do … host.

Enjoy, and if you have any questions about this race weekend, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll find out the answer! [click to continue…]

5 Things I Loved about the 2017 Broad Street 10-Miler!

Well, let’s get this out of the way first. It sucked not being able to run in last weekend’s Broad Street 10-Miler in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It sucked watching the others leave for the race that morning and it sucked seeing their huge group photo with everyone wearing their medals afterward. Sucked, sucked, sucked.

But again. It is what it is. I rolled the dice on lottery day, hoping I’d be recovered by now. It didn’t go my way, but such is life and I WILL BE HEALED AND RUNNING THIS RACE NEXT YEAR, do you hear me, Universe? I will be healed and running and the weather will be amazing and I’m going to wear the cutest dang outfit you’ve ever seen. So let’s move on to happier things, shall we? Like … [click to continue…]


Easter Family 5k: A Runner’s Story | Guest Post

Easter Family 5k: A Runner's Story

Happy Thursday, everyone! I love a great running story. And when that story involves family? Even better! So when Jennalyn Jaeger, (who has the coolest name, right???) shared photos and the story behind her family’s yearly Easter 5k, I knew it belonged here at Joyful Miles. Jennalyn truly believes in the concept of enjoying life one mile at a time!

So enjoy and if you, too, have a great story to share, send it our way! [click to continue…]