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BibRave 100: The 100 Best Races in America for 2018!

Here’s a great tip for when you’re in a running or racing rut and need some motivation: check out the BibRave 100: The 100 Best Races in America!

My game plan for 2020 is to take a runDisney break, (after WDW Marathon Weekend, of course,) and travel more to other popular races since there’s so much to see and do! Grandma’s Marathon now tops my race bucket list.

What about you, what races are on your race bucket list? Or what local races are your favorites, either ones that made it in the BibRave 100 or ones you think should? Please share in the comments below or better yet, head on over to BibRave and share a review that will help other runners discover new races, too!

Here’s Jackey’s BibRave profile as well as mine if you’d like to read reviews we have written. Take care and have a joyful day!

Joyful Miles Podcast

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, Jackey and Laura chat about running and fitness things we love, from gear and apps to races and meals and everything in between. Thanks for listening and have a joyful day!

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Race FOMO: What is it? Is it good, bad? Is there a balance?

FOMO- “Fear of Missing Out”

As I’ve gotten older this acronym has become quite popular and a legit reason for me deciding to do certain things. Sometimes things I wouldn’t even think of doing before. Sometimes it has led me to doing amazing things. It’s given me the push I need. But sometimes I have to admit it can not be so good.

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runDisney's Balloon Ladies!

We’re SO EXCITED about this show! Thanks to Jennalyn, we had a lovely chat with Sue, one of the Balloon Ladies! They provide a wonderful service to runDisney participants by warning them when they are falling behind the minimum pace so it was awesome learning more about her. There’s some audio issues, but her advice is amazing and we hope you enjoy!

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Disney's 2018 Princess 5k | runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Happy Valentine’s everyone! And nope, that’s not a typo. This is about the 2018 Disney’s Princess 5k that happened nearly a year ago. Sigh. I absolutely love writing race recaps … not only are they informative for others but it’s also a wonderful way for me to remember my experience! A digital scrapbook of sorts, one I can look back on years from now, like Jackey and I did in Podcast Episode 64 where we read our blog posts from our first WDW Goofy Challenge.

Plus, while video recaps are amazing, you don’t get the story behind the images. And while podcast episodes are informative, you don’t get the images. Blog recaps are a fantastic merge of both.

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“Disclaimer: I received the Addaday Pro Massager to review as part of being a BibRavePro. Learn more about becoming a BibRavePro (ambassador) and check out BibRave.com to review, find and write reviews!”

I have been waiting for this baby to arrive in the mail and it has finally arrived and the timing is perfect.

Just recently I decided to work with a run coach, and have been running harder than I ever have before. Running for speed, tempo runs, hills long runs ect. And I am sore! So receiving this in the mail was quite exciting!

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