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Wow. August already! It must be because Bob and I are in the truck at this very moment, heading to the beach for a much-needed vacation. I’m super excited but a small part of me is discouraged … [click to continue…]

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Running Safety for Women

Running Safety Tips

Running should be a joy – a way to zone out and forget about our worries and stresses, if only for a few miles. But unfortunately, this is not always possible in the world we live in, especially for those who run outside alone. So today, I’m sharing some running safety tips and suggestions in hopes to keep you safe and out of harm’s way.

Many of these tips are common sense-based and chances are, you’ve already read or heard them several times before. But there have been enough accounts of assaults and attacks on runners hitting the news, so we all can use a refresher course … myself included. [click to continue…]


My Favorite Running Belts

My Favorite Running and Race Belts

What’s your favorite running belt? Or are you like me and have several for different occasions? Or the better question may be … are you a smart fan of Sparkle Skirts with those amazing pockets? I’ve tried to love them but they’re not for me and the shorts and skirts I do have either don’t hold enough or I wouldn’t be comfortable storing my iPhone 7 plus in. Thus my need for race belts!

I have many different kids for different purposes and yesterday over at our YouTube Channel, I followed up a previous Friday Five post by chatting about my favorite running and race belts. (Well, one isn’t a favorite but I’m hoping to make it to one.) [click to continue…]


Here’s a quick running and training tip: Keep everything you need for a daily training run in a tote! Or bag, box, crate, laundry hamper, what have you. This is a must-do for me, because otherwise, I waste so much time running around the house gathering everything before getting out the door.

It’s also a fantastic visual reminder of your racing goals if you hang it in a prominent place in your house. For me, that’s my office door so it’s always in sight. [click to continue…]


Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Medal Reveal!

FINALLY! The wait is over for us 2017 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend runners who have been excited about getting a glimpse of what the very first Pixar-themed runDisney medals. I mean, come on, all those awesome announcements made at the D23 Expo were great, but we want the bling! We finally had our curiosity filled yesterday with a post over at the Disney Parks Blog. And here they are! [click to continue…]


You know what warms my heart and makes me smile? When someone shares how Joyful Miles has inspired them to live a healthier life, making all of our hard work worth it. Well, the following guest post by Joshua Bierwiler has given us a lifetime’s worth of warm fuzzies and smiles. Keep reading to learn more about Joshua’s incredible weight loss story about perseverance and the power of running. I hope it inspires you just as much as it has inspired me! [click to continue…]