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My Partial Plantar Plate Tear Injury: The Full Scoop

I haven’t been able to run in eight months.

Eight. Long. Frustrating. Months.

Another thing I haven’t done during this time is a good job blogging about my partial plantar plate tear injury. I’ve given Coping with Injury tips, talked about Walking a Race in a Boot, and given a few updates and did some videos on YouTube, but I’ve yet to truly dig deep in the topic. Maybe because it’s been easier to mentally cope by writing about other topics. Plus there’s my fear of being a running blogger/vlogger who can’t run.

That, my friends, would suck.  [click to continue…]


Registration is now open for this summer’s runDisney Virtual Shorts series! Last year, I did not register for their inaugural series due to issues I had with wording on their website regarding how the Leukemia society would benefit. I had lost a dear friend to leukemia, so it hit me wrong.

But I must admit. When I saw the adorable medals later on, my inner bling addict had a pang of regret. [click to continue…]


I once wore a purple Sparkle Athletic skirt at a local 5k years ago, which felt odd when I had first arrived. At a runDisney race? It would have blended right in and if anything, I’d be under-dressed. But there, I stuck out like a sparkly thumb. My insecurity doubled when I saw two women staring at my skirt, their shoulders pressed together as they whispered to each other with eyebrows raised. For a second, I considered taking it off and shoving it in my gear bag.

But instead, I got annoyed. [click to continue…]

Disney's Princess Half Marathon 2017 Recap

Today, I’m finally chatting about the grand finale of Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend. The half marathon, 13.1 magical miles through Disney World and day two of runDisney’s Glass Slipper Challenge!

Picking up with my Princess Enchanted 10k recap, I was feeling very … apprehensive about walking yet another half marathon. I had survived the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, (wearing a boot, no less,) but the experience was stressful and exhausting, both mentally and physically. For a moment, I had even considered pulling out and cheering instead. But I’m a runner. Temporarily sidelined and injured, yes, but I’m still a runner at heart and runners don’t quit.

I had to go for it. [click to continue…]

Accountability Quest: Second Quarter Goals

Time for another round of quarterly goals! As I mentioned in my First Quarter Goals post, I’m trying something new. Rather than make a huge, (and intimidating,) list of goals at the beginning of the year, I’m making quarterly ones instead, limiting each to ten only in hopes of being realistic. (They’re still not entirely realistic. But I’m getting better.)

I also consider it a win if I finished 50% or more each quarter. Michael Hyatt might consider this a form of Sandbagging, but as much as I love his podcast, books, and blog, this works for me. Because I’m not perfect. And while I always strive for 100%, by allowing myself this percentage, I avoid feeling like a total failure from imperfection. [click to continue…]

#WeRunSocial Princess Half Marathon Meetup!

Today, folks, is a lesson on confidence and how when someone hands you a plate full of opportunity … you should take the darn plate, rather than hiding your stinky self in bed. Yes, I’m talking about the 2017 #WeRunSocial Princess Half Marathon Meetup at Disney’s Polynesian resort … the one I came *thisclose* to flaking out on by hiding my stinky self in bed. [click to continue…]