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So earlier this year, none of us Joyful Milers had much interest in registering for the 2018 runDisney Virtual Running Shorts series. One glance at our racing schedule shows that we’ve gotten rather carried away and speaking for myself, my budget has long since been blown to smithereens. In my racing goals post, however, I did say that me registering for the virtual series did depend on how cute the medals are.

Well, they’re cute. [click to continue…]


*I’m still playing catch up, here, since we lost power due to high winds at the beach over the past couple of days!

Okay, let’s do this.

By this, I mean me taking the plunge and sharing my Beachbody 80 Day Obsession “Before” photos even though every instinct is begging me to please, please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE hold off until I have a better “After” photo. But nope, there’s no waiting for this gal. I have a theory … if I post these now rather than wait, then I will do whatever it takes to get in better shape and offer a comparison. I will even follow that dang time meal plan to perfection if that’s what it takes.

Well, maybe not perfection. I’ll try my best, okay? [click to continue…]


In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not being paid to promote 80 Day Obsession nor am I a Beachbody coach or affiliate of any kind, as proved by what I’m about to say about their recommended supplements. I’m just a gal who’s working hard to change her life and sharing her experience along the way with complete honesty.

See, I love Beachbody workout programs. (Yes, I’ve never actually completed an entire one, but let’s breeze over that fact.) I love how they’re time bound by exact days, giving you a firm end goal. I love being told what workouts to do seeing as how I make decisions all the time, while I’m writing fiction, in business, or planning Joyful Miles’ content. With Beachbody workouts, all you have to do is just hit play and do the workout, so I don’t bulk at paying for their on demand service. I consider that a gym membership, one that can be done at home with unshaven legs.

But Shakeology and their supplement line? [click to continue…]



That’s the best way to describe how I felt on Friday morning. Major ouch. The fact that I hurt all over from my first 80 Day Obsession workout is still seriously irksome. I mean, honestly. I just ran the Dopey Challenge … all 48.6 miles, in January. How is it possible for me to be so out of shape? And I know. I whined talked about this in my first Beachbody post. But as a woman who’s nearing 50, it’s terrifying how fast you can lose your conditioning in a matter of weeks. Tales of older folks breaking a hip and never being the same are haunting and yes, I know. The two can’t be compared. I’m just rambling, here. There’s going to be a lot of that in these workout updates.

Back to the ouch. [click to continue…]


Confession: I didn’t feel good about myself during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend. I felt out of shape, overwhelmed, overweight and downright crappy. How was that possible considering I had just completed the 48.6 Dopey Challenge only six weeks ago? I’ll tell you why: because there is a thin line between taking the time to properly recover and slacking.

I slacked and I wasn’t the only one. [click to continue…]

The Joyful Miles Podcast

This week we talk about some of our goals for 2018, and the importance of goal setting. We also answer some listener questions from our Joyful Mile Running Club members. Not a member yet? Click on the link and ask to be added. It’s that easy, and it’s a lot of fun! Also, if you’d like to see the video version of this chat, click on the video below. Thanks for listening, and have a joyful day!

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