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Accountability Quest: Second Quarter Goals

Time for another round of quarterly goals! As I mentioned in my First Quarter Goals post, I’m trying something new. Rather than make a huge, (and intimidating,) list of goals at the beginning of the year, I’m making quarterly ones instead, limiting each to ten only in hopes of being realistic. (They’re still not entirely realistic. But I’m getting better.)

I also consider it a win if I finished 50% or more each quarter. Michael Hyatt might consider this a form of Sandbagging, but as much as I love his podcast, books, and blog, this works for me. Because I’m not perfect. And while I always strive for 100%, by allowing myself this percentage, I avoid feeling like a total failure from imperfection. [click to continue…]

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#WeRunSocial Princess Half Marathon Meetup!

Today, folks, is a lesson on confidence and how when someone hands you a plate full of opportunity … you should take the darn plate, rather than hiding your stinky self in bed. Yes, I’m talking about the 2017 #WeRunSocial Princess Half Marathon Meetup at Disney’s Polynesian resort … the one I came *thisclose* to flaking out on by hiding my stinky self in bed. [click to continue…]


First Quarter Fitness and Running Haul

I must admit to being a fan of haul videos and blog posts. I’m not a big shopper so being able to discover products or merchandise others love can be a huge time saver. So with the end of March almost here, I thought it’d share my own fitness and running haul for the first quarter of the year!

Please note that while I will be using Amazon associate links, I’m not being paid to promote any of these items nor did I receive them for free. Also, if you’d like to see the video version, head over to my YouTube channel. So with that, let’s get on with my… [click to continue…]


Beauty and The Beast Movie Review

Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

I finally got to see Beauty & the Beast movie on Tuesday night! We had initially bought tickets for Thursday when it premiered, but my eldest son hurt his foot while home for spring break, (and now, ironically, has a walking boot on the same foot as me.) So we exchanged our tickets which ended up being great seeing as how my youngest son was able to join us since he’s his turn to be home from college!

The short version: I absolutely LOVED IT!! [click to continue…]

Disney's Princess Enchanted 10k Recap | 2017 Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Grab some coffee, folks, because this recap of the 2018 Disney’s Princess Enchanted 10k is gonna be very long and very photo-heavy! And it also could be more appropriately titled Hello, Balloon Ladies, we meet again!

Yep. I once again repeated my Wine & Dine 10k performance by walking and stopping for enough character photos to put me face-to-face with them again. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me pick up with my Fit for a Princess Expo and Princess 5k recap by starting at the beginning with our… [click to continue…]

Disney's Princess Half Marathon 2018: I'm IN! And broke.

Did you hear any grunts of pain earlier today? That was from my credit card, after yet another heavy workout it has been through this year from registering for the WDW Dopey Challenge, the Disneyland Double Dare and 5k last week. So when an email from runDisney had arrived with a pre-registration link 2017 participants … my credit card cringed. I cringed. We both cringed.

[Sidebar: By the way, I absolutely LOVE this new policy! It’s a nice way to reward loyal runDisney fans, aka, addicts, plus it will cut down registration day stress that always makes me feel like this:] [click to continue…]