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Second Quarter Fitness and Running Haul

Second Quarter Fitness & Running Haul!

Earlier this year, I thought it’d be fun to start doing quarterly fitness and running haul blog posts and videos! I had some great things to share in my First Quarter haul blog post, and video on YouTube, but since my new doctor didn’t cleared me to run until June 12th, I didn’t think there’d be enough for a second quarter haul.

Yeah. Not true. Turns out, I bought even more. Lord help me for the third and fourth quarter!

So here you go, the fitness and running goodies I have received from April to June. Please be sure to let me know what you got in the comments below! [click to continue…]

Buffalo Bills 50 Yard Finish 5k

Happy Thursday, everyone! I love awesome local 5k’s and recently, Jackey and her family participated in a fantastic one: the Buffalo Bills 50 Yard Finish 5k! Her youngest son got in on the action as well by running the kid’s one-mile race and she recently shared her experience over at our YouTube channel with this awesome video recap!

Be sure to check it out and if you’re thinking of training for your first 5k, here’s some tips I offered back in January! [click to continue…]

Orangetheory Fitness Review and Studio Tour

Happy Wednesday, everyone! There’s been a lot of interest in Jackey’s Orangetheory Fitness training experience, something she’s been doing for seven months now with great results. She already wrote about her first Orangetheory Fitness First Month results back in January, but last week, she followed this up with an updated review and studio tour over at our YouTube Channel. [click to continue…]

Jammin' on the Run Questions and Answers

Hey, everyone! I just put up our first Jammin’ on the Run Question and Answer video over at our Joyful Miles YouTube channel. We answered a bunch of questions ranging from what my favorite editing software for videos is to our favorite Disney restaurants for before and after runDisney races. Be sure to check it out and please subscribe for more video updates!

Also, we have a new Facebook group! It’s all casual there, not a ton of promotion, just a way for us to get to know you better and for us to inspire each other. Here’s the link if you’d like to join. We’d love to have you! [click to continue…]


Summer Running Tips | Friday Five 2.0

Tips for Running in the Summer!

Ah, summer, sweet, sweet summer, bring on the lazy days … after our runs, of course! And now that my injury is FINALLY healed, I’m even more excited about doing lots of awesome summer runs for Dopey training. (I’ll be sharing all the details about my recovery in a long, LONG Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up post. Until then, here’s the video version!)

Of course, summer running, can be a blast … but if you’re not careful, it can kick you in the … ahem. So even though this was the topic for last week’s Friday Five 2.0 Blog Link Up hosted by Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness, today I’m sharing 5 important things to consider before your next summer run. Also, be sure to check out Jackey’s  Tips Running in Summer Heat from last year! [click to continue…]

2017 Broad Street 10 Miler from a Cheerer's Perspective

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I’ve already chatted about the 5 Reasons why I loved the 2017 Broad Street 10 Miler in Philadelphia last month, but it’s taken me a while to put together my video recap. (Keeping up with content has been quite a challenge lately … I still have bonus Princess Half material to do something with!)

Anyway, if you’ve ever been curious about what a race looks like before the start and with the leading wheelchair athlete and runners, here you go! I had an absolute blast cheering, but next year? I’m running this bad boy once again. The weather will be amazing, I will be healthy, and it will be awesome. Which reminds me of another thing I need to write about very, very soon: [click to continue…]