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How to Quit Smoking: Extreme Style

How to Quit Smoking: Extreme Style

I used to smoke. A long, long time ago. Growing up, everybody in my family smoked. My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older cousins, everybody. So for me, it wasn’t a matter of will I smoke, but when will I start? Which, of course, is complete bull crap seeing as how my brother never picked up [...]


48 Things I’ve learned in the past 48 Years

48 Things I've Learned in the past 48 Years

It’s my birthday today, woo-HOO! Wow. I’m now forty-eight, only two years away from the big 5-o. I don’t feel forty-eight, however. I feel youthful and vibrant … because, yeah, that’s what my age and all others are supposed to feel like! So while I’m hardly perfect and make mistakes daily, I’m having some fun today by [...]

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I once wore a purple Sparkle Athletic skirt at a local 5k years ago, which felt odd when I had first arrived. At a runDisney race? It would have blended right in and if anything, I’d be under-dressed. But there, I stuck out like a sparkly thumb. My insecurity doubled when I saw two women [...]


Beauty and The Beast Movie Review

Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

I finally got to see Beauty & the Beast movie on Tuesday night! We had initially bought tickets for Thursday when it premiered, but my eldest son hurt his foot while home for spring break, (and now, ironically, has a walking boot on the same foot as me.) So we exchanged our tickets which ended [...]

Gilmore Girls Tag: Pre-A Year in the Life Fun!

At the time of writing this, it’s Sunday morning, the day I FINALLY will watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! It was my intention to watch this since its release in November, but life got crazy. Then the holidays arrived with my boys home for winter break. And then work picked up. But [...]


March Ultimate Coffee Date

Happy Saturday, everyone! It’s cold, my injured foot needs a break, and I have tons of Princess Half Marathon content to write and produce, so I’m spending the entire weekend with butt in chair and fingers on keyboard. But first, I thought I’d join up with Deborah over at Confessions of a Mother Runner and [...]