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Random Chitchats

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you’re having an AMAZING summer and that you’re enjoying every single sunny day! Ours has been wonderful so far … and August is going to be FANTASTIC!! More on that later. For now, here are some announcements and chit-chats. :) OOFOS Project Pink! Not only have I been a HUGE [...]


Joyful Hiatus: We’re taking a break!

Happy Saturday, everyone, we hope you’re having an amazing summer! Jackey and I are doing something different this year. We’re taking an official podcast hiatus for the rest of July and August, giving ourselves more time to be with family, work on projects, travel, and enjoy the sunshine! We’ll be back in September with brand-new, [...]


April Stories: What I read and watched!

January Stories: What I Watched and Read!

Wow, April ended up being a huge month for me. First off, I TURNED 50, woo-HOO!!!!! I’m so blessed and thankful for reaching this milestone. #50isfabulous baby!! April is also Camp NaNoWriMo, a huge event for many writers. Unlike November’s National Novel Writing Month where you have thirty days to write a 50,000 word novel, [...]


The RunnerBox Unboxing and Review!

Joyful Miles received a current subscription box from The RunnerBox in exchange for an honest review. Curious about what’s inside the latest The RunnerBox subscription box? We were, too, so it was so nice being offered a glimpse into their latest. Jackey recently put up a great unboxing and review video going through each of [...]


Disneyland Paris Half Marathon: Tips & Lessons Learned!

Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Tips & Lessons Learned

Happy Tuesday, everyone, today we have très merveilleux guest post by fellow YouTuber, Meredith Rice of Rice, Rice Runner! She’s sharing a TON of tips and lessons she had learned from the 2018 Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments below or find Meredith on [...]

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Why I love Running!

Why I Love Running!

Oh, running, how do I love thee? Well … except for when the alarm goes off at five in the morning while I’m cozy in bed and when it’s freezing outside, (which is, by my definition, temps under 40 degrees,) but for the most part, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! [...]