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Chicago & Baltimore Marathon Training Update: Weeks 10 & 11

Our summer has been both insane and awesome. Awesomely insane. The insanity comes from my husband deciding to purchase a fixer-upper at Ocean City with a friend... and by fixer-upper, I mean complete dump! We're talking mold, mildew, and structural damage, oh my. But the awesome is how he's turned total crap to total GORGEOUS in only [...]

Going from a Casual to Serious Runner: How to Up Your Game!

Ever since my first Baltimore Marathon experience in 2015, I've had one major running goal: To qualify for the Boston Marathon by my 50th birthday. I'm now 47. Meaning I have less than three years to do this. Yikes. So a few weeks ago, I've decided to kick things into gear and take steps to transition from a casual runner [...]


My 30 Day Challenge!

Recently a friend of mine began a running challenge he made for himself.  Run 4 miles a day for 200 days straight.  As he began to complete and post daily I felt inspired.  However I knew this was far to much of a commitment for me.  I admit I'm not that ambitious but thought maybe [...]

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Best Flip Flops for Running Recovery because nothing beats a pair of comfy flip flops after a long, hard run!

Happy National Flip Flop day, everyone, may your soles be cushy, your straps be comfy, and puddle calf splatter be few! Today, the Joyful Miles blogging crew plus some gals from our running group are participating in Eat, Run, Pray DC, You Signed up for What, and Mar On The Run's Friday Five Link Up by sharing our favorite brands of [...]


Powering Through the Miles and Finishing Strong

You know how ambitious you always are when you 'start' your run or an activity?  Are you mentally committed to the outcome?  No matter what the task, there are times when you start or rather 'I' start to wonder how I am going to finish it.  This is not just true for running but also [...]

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Tips for Running in the Rain | Tuesday Ten

Anyone who's experienced runDisney's 2014 Wine and Dine Half Marathon (aka Splash & Dash,) knows a thing or two about running in the rain. The four of us had a similar experience with this year's Broad Street 10 Miler with its nonstop chill. Both were equally miserable, but you know what, despite all my complaining [...]