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Summer Running Tips | Friday Five 2.0

Tips for Running in the Summer!

Ah, summer, sweet, sweet summer, bring on the lazy days … after our runs, of course! And now that my injury is FINALLY healed, I’m even more excited about doing lots of awesome summer runs for Dopey training. (I’ll be sharing all the details about my recovery in a long, LONG Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up post. [...]

Pre-Training Tips for runDisney's Dopey Challenge!

If a credit card statement earlier this year made you clutch your chest and gasp while hollering, “I spent what????” then there’s a good chance you’ve registered for runDisney’s 2018 WDW Dopey Challenge. Well, actually, in my household, it was my husband clutching his chest. Sorry, honey! Money aside, AWESOME, you’re going to have an AMAZING [...]

My Partial Plantar Plate Tear Injury: The Full Scoop

I haven’t been able to run in eight months. Eight. Long. Frustrating. Months. Another thing I haven’t done during this time is a good job blogging about my partial plantar plate tear injury. I’ve given Coping with Injury tips, talked about Walking a Race in a Boot, and given a few updates and did some videos [...]


Mental Games: How to Stay Motivated to Run and Train

Mental Games: How to Stay Motivated to Run and Train

Need some advice on how to power through those long runs and challenging races? In a recent episode of Jammin’ On The Run over at our YouTube Channel, we chatted about our favorite tricks and mental games to get us out the door, through difficult runs, and over finish lines.  For the full version, watch [...]


Taking the Dread out of Treadmill | Tuesdays on the Run

Taking the Dread out of Treadmill Running

Confession: I’m one of those weirdos who actually enjoys running on a treadmill. I mean, what’s not to love? The weather is always perfect, there’s no need to layer up, carry tons of water, or slather on sunscreen, you don’t have to worry about traffic, and there’s a bathroom in close proximity. Sounds like perfect [...]


Orange Theory Fitness-my first month

Quick disclaimer: first, I will post before and after pics in a swimsuit. Some may think  “she looked fine before” some may think “she shouldn’t own a bikini”. The point is to really SHOW you the results not just tell you.  Also I don’t work for orange theory or get anything for this review though [...]