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Podcast Episode 26: Disneyland Races Cancelled

Joyful Miles Podcast

We finally have heard the news. After months of speculation, runDisney has announced that is putting it’s Disneyland races on hiatus indefinitely, effective for 2018. Beyond that? It’s anyone’s guess. Obviously, we have to chime in with what we think. So Jackey and I got together to talk about it this week. Be sure to [...]


Having serious computer issues while taking on a YouTube challenge such as Vlogtober is seriously not fun. My poor computer needs love and attention from my computer guy, (and a new drive since it’s bursting at the seams,) but I’m hoping it can hang in there until November. When I’m at Disneyland for the Super [...]


This post is long overdue, (as is many others,) so I’m doing a little catch-up today by sharing a fun adventure my husband and I did back in July: Biking the Northern Central Railroad Trail and York County Heritage Rail Trail both ways for a total of 84 miles in two days! A little backstory [...]


25 Push-Ups for 31 Days: Conquering the July Challenge

CHALLENGE! 25 Push-Up in 31 Days!

My wife, Lauren, recently took part in the Joyful Miles Running Club Monthly Challenge. For the month of July, we challenged our followers to attempt at least 2 miles and/or 25 push-ups each day. She documented her daily progress, and the video can be seen here. She also kept a running diary of what she [...]


My Happy Planner for 2018 Dopey Challenge Training!

My Happy Planner for Dopey Challenge Training!

Hello, my name is Laura and I’m a plan-o-holic! Seriously. We’re talking M.A.J.O.R. plan-oholic! I’ve been using planners for … oh, at least twenty years. I’m talking Franklin Covey, Day Timer, Day Runner, cheap ones from the Target Dollar Spot, and Filofax. Some have been very good, but none have truly met my needs. Enter [...]


Our runDisney Dopey Challenge Training Experience

Our 2016 Dopey Challenge Training Experience

If you happened to watch my recent video about my absolute favorite race experiences, then you already know that the 2016 WDW Marathon Weekend Dopey Challenge tops the list. Hands down. It was by far the hardest race I’ve ever trained for … as well as the most rewarding. Part of what that weekend so [...]