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Plantar Plate Tear Injury

Injury Update: Disney’s Princess Half and Dopey 2018!

Recover, Run, Rejoice:

Not to sound super whiny or anything … but my year so far hasn’t been great. Between a nasty sinus infection that still has me hacking up funny things and a migraine, I’ve been mostly sick. And stressed, since my husband is getting a hip replacement next Tuesday and we’re SO NOT prepared! Add to [...]


Running Injury Update: Goodbye Deep Dark, Hello Hope!

Running Injury Update: Goodbye Deep Dark, Hello Hope!

The good news? According to my doctor, “It’s very likely I’ll be able to run again.” The bad news? Well, having to withdraw from January’s WDW Marathon Weekend Goofy Challenge could be considered bad news, but who cares? I’m oddly fine with this as long as I can run again. Not being able to start for [...]


Coping with a Running Injury: Finding the Bright Side

Coping with a Running Injury: How to Find a Bright Side

Confession: I’m depressed. This is something I don’t like admitting, considering our world’s current events and how not being able to run is hardly tragic. But I haven’t gone for a run in five weeks. I missed the Chicago Marathon, a race that had been on my bucket list for years. I can’t run now. I might not be [...]