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Running Tips and Advice

Since the four of us first met through running, this category is going to be extremely busy with topics according to our own personal running style and training goals. If you have any questions about starting your own running journey, please go to our contact page and ask. We’d love to help you out!

5 Things I Loved about the 2017 Broad Street 10-Miler!

Well, let's get this out of the way first. It sucked not being able to run in last weekend's Broad Street 10-Miler in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It sucked watching the others leave for the race that morning and it sucked seeing their huge group photo with everyone wearing their medals afterward. Sucked, sucked, sucked. But again. It [...]


Easter Family 5k: A Runner’s Story | Guest Post

Easter Family 5k: A Runner's Story

Happy Thursday, everyone! I love a great running story. And when that story involves family? Even better! So when Jennalyn Jaeger, (who has the coolest name, right???) shared photos and the story behind her family's yearly Easter 5k, I knew it belonged here at Joyful Miles. Jennalyn truly believes in the concept of enjoying life [...]


May Ultimate Coffee Date

May's Ultimate Coffee Date Blog Link Up

Happy Saturday, everyone! Today, I'm in downtown Philadelphia for the Broad Street 10-Miler expo. When the lottery opened, I took a chance and entered in hopes I'd be running by now. That hasn't exactly worked out. It's disappointing, but such is life. It is what it is. So let's just grab some coffee and chat about [...]

April Progress Report and Injury Update | Tuesdays on the Run

Today's topic for the Tuesdays on the Run Blog Link Up hosted by My No Guilt Life, Marcia's Healthy Slice, and MCM Mama Runs is Rate Your Month where bloggers chat about their running progress. So far, I've avoided this topic because ... yep, still no running after seven long months! But since I'm trying to do [...]

Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2017 Joyful Miles Race Recap Round Up

Whew, all of my Joyful Miles's blog recaps, video recaps, and Jammin' On The Run chat sessions for the 2017 Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend are now finished! They take a long time to do, but wow, I love being able to look back and remember fun times. The videos are especially great for whenever [...]


Running Tag Fun!

Running Tag Fun!

If you're a longtime blogger, then there's a chance you might be familiar with the social network, LiveJournal. Wasn't it awesome? I had so much fun blogging there, thanks to the deep sense of community and how easy it was to keep up with other blogs. But mostly … I miss the fun memes. And no, [...]

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