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Running Tips and Advice

Since the four of us first met through running, this category is going to be extremely busy with topics according to our own personal running style and training goals. If you have any questions about starting your own running journey, please go to our contact page and ask. We\’d love to help you out!

2018 Baltimore 10-Miler Race Recaps

“Bad workouts and races — we all have them and we always will.” -Greg McMillan Yep. That’s some serious truth. And for me, the 2018 Baltimore 10-Miler was a bad, bad race due to the heat, humidity, and one whopping case of nausea! Things started out good enough. I had been keeping up with my [...]

2018 Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend

Jennalyn is back for the second half of our Disneyland Paris Half Marathon chat! In today’s episode, she talks about the 10k, Joyful Miles meet up, half marathon, and more travel issues while heading home. Links for all sites mentioned are listed below. Thanks for listening and have a joyful day! Links to sites mentioned: [...]


Run the Year 2018 Update!

Oh, how I love being a guest on Heather Jergensen’s Running with Grace channel! I get to chat with a friend and then say goodbye, with her doing all the editing. Sort of like how grandparents get to play with grandchildren and hand them back to Mom and Dad when they have dirty drawers, lol. [...]


Podcast Episode 69: Running with Cystic Fibrosis

The Joyful Miles Podcast

“Live life like your Donor is watching.” In today’s episode, Kristen Willoughby shares her amazing story of running with cystic fibrosis and finishing her first half marathon after receiving a lung transplant. We are in absolute awe of Kristen’s grit and of Jess, the gal who selflessly blessed so many lives by being an organ [...]


Podcast Episode 68: Listener Questions

The Joyful Miles Podcast

Happy Friday, it’s a Q&A day! Jackey and Laura ask questions that have been asked on our blog, YouTube channel, or on the Joyful Miles Running Club on Facebook. Many thanks to everyone who submitted questions and we hope this is helpful! Thanks for listening and have a joyful day! Blog Posts/Videos Mentioned: Take the [...]


My Weekly Workout & Writing Wrap Up

Weekly Workout & Writing Wrap Up

Happy Sunday! I hope you had an amazing weekend and that you’re gearing up for a fantastic week! If you listened to our Runner Burnout podcast, you know I’ve been dealing with burnout since May. Plus, not to get all dramatic, but Bob and I are stressed from situations beyond our control. So yeah, I’ve [...]