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Running Tips and Advice

Since the four of us first met through running, this category is going to be extremely busy with topics according to our own personal running style and training goals. If you have any questions about starting your own running journey, please go to our contact page and ask. We\’d love to help you out!


So earlier this year, none of us Joyful Milers had much interest in registering for the 2018 runDisney Virtual Running Shorts series. One glance at our racing schedule shows that we’ve gotten rather carried away and speaking for myself, my budget has long since been blown to smithereens. In my racing goals post, however, I did [...]


runDisney’s 2018 WDW Marathon Weekend: The WDW Half Marathon

runDisney's 2018 WDW Marathon Weekend: The WDW Half Marathon

I have never been one to care about running in costumes, it was just never something that was important to me. However, if you know anything about Laura and Jackey, they make it part of the whole race experience. It’s actually pretty amazing that I held out for as long as I did. Except for [...]


Why I love Running!

Why I Love Running!

Oh, running, how do I love thee? Well … except for when the alarm goes off at five in the morning while I’m cozy in bed and when it’s freezing outside, (which is, by my definition, temps under 40 degrees,) but for the most part, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! [...]


My 2018 Running and Fitness Goals!

My 2018 Running and Fitness Goals

Now that our Dopey Challenge experience at runDisney’s 2018 WDW Marathon Weekend is over, we’re in major recap mode here on the blog, our YouTube Channel and podcast! Every single angle will be covered, y’all, and we gotta lot of angles! My eyes are feeling buggy from editing our WDW 5k video, so I’m taking [...]

The Joyful Miles Podcast

Today we get to running, and officially kick off the 2018 Dopey Challenge! The 2018 Walt Disney World 5K also happens to be Rob’s first runDisney 5K! Will he be back for more? Oh, and did we mention it was just a little cold?! How did that affect everything? Look for our next episode to [...]


Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners!

Gift Ideas for Runners!

Looking for some last-minute gift ideas for the runner in your life? (Or, if you’re like me, in desperate need of ideas because you haven’t even started shopping yet?) Well, no worries, here’s a list of suggestions from a post I shared last year plus a few new ideas! Some of which I’m hoping Santa [...]

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