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Running, Racing, and Training Tips, Advice, and Information

Whether you\’re new to the sport of running or a long-time fan, be sure to check out our collection of running and racing posts that will inform and inspire! If there\’s a topic you\’d like us to cover or if you have any questions, be sure to visit our contact page or email us: joyfulmiles1 at gmail.com

Happy running!

Running and Racing Fears: Let it Go or Go with the Flow

Now, had you listened to our latest podcast, you’d know I was initially going to call this post and Vlogtober video, “RACING FEARS: Pooping and other things to not worry about.” (Which tells you that, yes, there will be poop talk in this post.) But seriously, me telling others to not worry about something is [...]


Our runDisney Dopey Challenge Training Experience

Our 2016 Dopey Challenge Training Experience

If you happened to watch my recent video about my absolute favorite race experiences, then you already know that the 2016 WDW Marathon Weekend Dopey Challenge tops the list. Hands down. It was by far the hardest race I’ve ever trained for … as well as the most rewarding. Part of what that weekend so [...]


My Favorite Races: BibFOLIO® Race Bib Album

My Favorite Races: Bibfolio Race Bib Album

Earlier this year, I was looking for a way to organize all my race bibs rather than shoving them haphazardly into a shoe box. I’ve seen some awesome ways other racers have used their past bibs, such has having them made into quilts or totes, to turning them into wall art and hanging them by [...]


Running Safety for Women

Running Safety Tips

Running should be a joy – a way to zone out and forget about our worries and stresses, if only for a few miles. But unfortunately, this is not always possible in the world we live in, especially for those who run outside alone. So today, I’m sharing some running safety tips and suggestions in [...]


My Favorite Running Belts

My Favorite Running and Race Belts

What’s your favorite running belt? Or are you like me and have several for different occasions? Or the better question may be … are you a smart fan of Sparkle Skirts with those amazing pockets? I’ve tried to love them but they’re not for me and the shorts and skirts I do have either don’t [...]


Here’s a quick running and training tip: Keep everything you need for a daily training run in a tote! Or bag, box, crate, laundry hamper, what have you. This is a must-do for me, because otherwise, I waste so much time running around the house gathering everything before getting out the door. It’s also a [...]


You know what warms my heart and makes me smile? When someone shares how Joyful Miles has inspired them to live a healthier life, making all of our hard work worth it. Well, the following guest post by Joshua Bierwiler has given us a lifetime’s worth of warm fuzzies and smiles. Keep reading to learn [...]


Orangetheory Review and Studio Tour

Orangetheory Fitness Review and Studio Tour

Happy Wednesday, everyone! There’s been a lot of interest in Jackey’s Orangetheory Fitness training experience, something she’s been doing for seven months now with great results. She already wrote about her first Orangetheory Fitness First Month results back in January, but last week, she followed this up with an updated review and studio tour over [...]


Jammin’ on the Run Questions & Answers

Jammin' on the Run Questions and Answers

Hey, everyone! I just put up our first Jammin’ on the Run Question and Answer video over at our Joyful Miles YouTube channel. We answered a bunch of questions ranging from what my favorite editing software for videos is to our favorite Disney restaurants for before and after runDisney races. Be sure to check it [...]


Summer Running Tips | Friday Five 2.0

Tips for Running in the Summer!

Ah, summer, sweet, sweet summer, bring on the lazy days … after our runs, of course! And now that my injury is FINALLY healed, I’m even more excited about doing lots of awesome summer runs for Dopey training. (I’ll be sharing all the details about my recovery in a long, LONG Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up post. [...]