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Whether you\’re new to the sport of running or a long-time fan, be sure to check out our collection of running and racing posts that will inform and inspire! If there\’s a topic you\’d like us to cover or if you have any questions, be sure to visit our contact page or email us: joyfulmiles1 at gmail.com

Happy running!

Joyful Miles Amazon Storefront!

Joyful Miles Amazon Storefront

Jackey and I are feeling very official, because we now have an Amazon Storefront! There you can find lots of our favorite products from running gear and sun protection to must-haves, books, and more. I also had to throw in some of my favorite craft books for writers and artists because there’s so many great [...]


Running in the Sun: How to Protect Your Skin!

Running in the Sun: How to Protect Your Skin

Hallelujah, summer is here! I hope you’re enjoying some lovely runs in the sun … and that you’re protecting your skin. This is so important because skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 1 out of 5 Americans will develop skin cancer during their [...]


Feeling the Oo! My love for Oofos!

As I’ve gotten older I began to experiment awful foot pain. In fact, I used to not be able to run more than 3 miles without severe pain in the bones on my feet. Luckily I found my Brooks Pure Connect (which are discontinued) and I’ve been able to push my distance. But I still [...]


Do I Really Need a Running Coach?

Do I Need a Running Coach?

As someone that has been somewhat consistently since about 2012 I never considered needing a running coach. Honestly I didn’t even know they existed until our dear friend Chris Savio used one and was on our podcast talking about. I pictured him at a high school track with a coach and a whistle telling him [...]


Race FOMO: What is it? Is it good, bad? Is there a balance?

Race FOMO: What is it? Is it good, bad? Is there a balance?

FOMO- “Fear of Missing Out” As I’ve gotten older this acronym has become quite popular and a legit reason for me deciding to do certain things. Sometimes things I wouldn’t even think of doing before. Sometimes it has led me to doing amazing things. It’s given me the push I need. But sometimes I have [...]


2021 Race Discount Codes!

BibRave 100: The 100 Best Races in America for 2018!

If you’re looking for 2021 race discount codes, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a long list of them courtesy of BibRave. Thinking of running a new race? You can also get the scoop by going to BibRave.com to read reviews and learn tips that are submitted by pros and fellow runners! You [...]

Joyful Miles Podcast

Happy holidays, everyone! In today’s episode, we’re sharing a lovely chat with Amy Kentner, owner of Roadrunner Enterprises and a pacer at runDisney’s upcoming WDW Marathon. Her positive energy and spirit will surely get everyone in her 05:15 group over that finish line! Enjoy and thanks for listening!  Two of Amy’s runs: A Christmas Story [...]

The Joyful Miles Podcast

~CORRECTION: Our meet up will now start at 3:30 instead of 3:00 due to a recent schedule conflict.~ runDisney’s 2019 WDW Marathon Weekend is now less than four weeks away, woo-HOO! In today’s episode, Jackey and Laura share their long list of Dopey Do’s and Don’ts … things they’ve done right and things they’ve done [...]

The Joyful Miles Podcast

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, Christopher Savio joins us again to chat about running in cold weather, brrrrr. Have some tips we missed? Awesome, please share in the comments or in the Joyful Miles Running Club Facebook group! Thanks for listening and have a joyful day! Runner’s World What to Wear Tool If you have a moment, please [...]

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DIY: No-Sew Medal Holders

DIY No Sew Medal Holders!

Now, bling isn’t the only reason why I run. I adore running for many other reasons that I shared in this Why I Love Running post. But, yes, I must admit, I also love the bling, especially runDisney’s! Hauling them around the parks and in a carry on can be a pain, so before the [...]