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RunDisney Recaps, Tips, and Announcements

Oh, how our lives have changed since discovering runDisney! (And our bank accounts.) Here\’s a collection of our runDisney blog posts. If you\’d like to see a list of race recaps, go to this page. We have quite a few! And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Podcast Episode 87: Break over, we’re back!

Joyful Miles Podcast

Hello, everyone, we’ve missed you! We each needed to take a break, but we’re back and in this episode, we catch up by chatting about our current running and racing plans, a bit about the Princess Half Marathon, (full episode on that topic coming up,) and other this and thats. It’s good to be back! [...]

From Defeated to Undefeated: Realizing who you truly are inside when you have nothing left

Realizing who you truly are inside when you have nothing left Last week, we shared a lovely guest post by Shawna Spaziani about her past struggles with runDisney guilt and shame. This week, I’m sharing an equally awesome story about perseverance and grit by Will Thorpe! After reading his post about runDisney’s 2019 WDW Marathon [...]

Thank you, it's only at Disney: Acknowledging your Accomplishments

Sometimes you’re touched so deeply that you just gotta share. We received an email from Shawna Spaziani about her running story and how it was clouded with guilt and secrecy until she learned to acknowledge her accomplishments! Her words brought tears to our eyes and after finishing, I knew it simply had to be shared [...]


2019 WDW Marathon Weekend Mile Marker Rhyming Videos!

Something that has become a fun tradition for our runDisney races is to take silly rhyming videos at each mile marker! Regardless of how many we’ve done, we still struggle with mile twelve and you can see how we’re feeling during the marathon at mile eighteen. I can’t wait to put together our full race [...]


Podcast Episode 84: runDisney Balloon Ladies

runDisney's Balloon Ladies!

We’re SO EXCITED about this show! Thanks to Jennalyn, we had a lovely chat with Sue, one of the Balloon Ladies! They provide a wonderful service to runDisney participants by warning them when they are falling behind the minimum pace so it was awesome learning more about her. There’s some audio issues, but her advice [...]

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Disney's 2018 Princess 5k | runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Happy Valentine’s everyone! And nope, that’s not a typo. This is about the 2018 Disney’s Princess 5k that happened nearly a year ago. Sigh. I absolutely love writing race recaps … not only are they informative for others but it’s also a wonderful way for me to remember my experience! A digital scrapbook of sorts, [...]

runDisney's Princess Half Marathon: Everything you need to know!

Well, maybe not everything, but after doing runDisney’s Princess Half Marathon for six years, I have shared lots of tips here on the blog, our YouTube channel and podcast! So in today’s post, I’m linking past content by category as well as offering new tips and answering FAQ. Hope you enjoy and have an AMAZING [...]


Podcast Episode 83: 2019 WDW Marathon Weekend Part 2

Joyful Miles Podcast

In this episode, we’re continuing with our chat about runDisney’s 2019 WDW Marathon Weekend with our guests Jennalyn Jaeger and Christopher Savio! In this episode, we discuss the half marathon and full marathon, which includes an epic ride on Expedition Everest. Video linked below! Thanks for listening and have a joyful day! Riding Expedition Everest [...]

runDisney Weather: Tips for Cold, Hot, Rainy, and everything in between!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the weather in Florida is persnickety, persnickety, persnickety! [Side note: I love the word persnickety.] And I’ve learned the hard way to not depend on weather apps before departure day because temps can change on a dime. Instead, I go prepared for all types of weather, [...]


How to Make a Dalmatian Running Costume

How to Make a Dalmatian Running Costume!

Feeling dotty? Awesome, here’s a tutorial for how to put together a fun Dalmation Running Costume that’s great for large groups!