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Race Recaps

Running Universal Inaugural Minion 5k

Happy Friday! In today’s episode, we chat with the lovely Juanita Adams about the Running Universal Inaugural Minion 5k, which is now on our bucket list! Thanks for listening and have a joyful day! Juanita’s Etsy Shop Minion 5k If you have a moment, please SUBSCRIBE, RATE and REVIEW our podcast. It will help us [...]


runDisney’s 2018 Star Wars Half Marathon Recaps!

Disney's 2018 Star Wars Half Marathon Video Recaps

And the Throwback Thursday recapping continues, this time for runDisney’s 2018 Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend! Wow, and what a weekend it was. This was my first experience doing a Star Wars race and I absolutely loved how laid-back and chill the vibe was. And while it was rather warm that weekend, it was fantastic [...]

2018 Princess Half Marathon Video Recaps | runDisney

Finally! All of my video recaps for runDisney’s 2018 Princess Half Marathon are uploaded on YouTube! Whew, one big task crossed off my list … only now, I still have nineteen race recaps to go. Yikes. via GIPHY Seriously, though, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’ve been kicking rear this quarter [...]

runDisney's 2019 Star Wars Half Marathon Race Recaps

Happy May 1st, everyone, I hope you’re having an excellent day! And now that I think about it … I should be posting this on Saturday. Then I could say Happy May the Fourth be with you because the force was certainly strong with Jackey, Leslie, Kimberly and Kaitlyn during runDisney’s 2019 Star Wars Rival [...]


Podcast Episode 88: 2019 Star Wars Half Marathon

Joyful Miles Podcast

Hello, everyone, in today’s episode, we chat about Jackey’s experience at the 2019 Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend as well as registration for runDisney’s 2020 WDW Marathon Weekend! If you are registering, (or have already,) be sure to subscribe because we’ll soon be talking about things to do now to prepare! Jackey’s Live Post-Race Show [...]

From Defeated to Undefeated: Realizing who you truly are inside when you have nothing left

Realizing who you truly are inside when you have nothing left Last week, we shared a lovely guest post by Shawna Spaziani about her past struggles with runDisney guilt and shame. This week, I’m sharing an equally awesome story about perseverance and grit by Will Thorpe! After reading his post about runDisney’s 2019 WDW Marathon [...]