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Thank you, it's only at Disney: Acknowledging your Accomplishments

Sometimes you’re touched so deeply that you just gotta share. We received an email from Shawna Spaziani about her running story and how it was clouded with guilt and secrecy until she learned to acknowledge her accomplishments! Her words brought tears to our eyes and after finishing, I knew it simply had to be shared [...]


Do I Really Need a Running Coach?

Do I Need a Running Coach?

As someone that has been somewhat consistently since about 2012 I never considered needing a running coach. Honestly I didn’t even know they existed until our dear friend Chris Savio used one and was on our podcast talking about. I pictured him at a high school track with a coach and a whistle telling him [...]


February Stories: What I read and watched!

January Stories: What I Watched and Read!

February has just flown by, hasn’t it? It feels like I just wrote my January post and now it’s time to once again chat about the stories I enjoyed last month! This list is short since I spent a lot of time prepping for the Princess Half Marathon, doing business and rental tax work, and [...]


2018 BibRave 100: The 100 Best Races in America!

BibRave 100: The 100 Best Races in America for 2018!

Here’s a great tip for when you’re in a running or racing rut and need some motivation: check out the BibRave 100: The 100 Best Races in America! My game plan for 2020 is to take a runDisney break, (after WDW Marathon Weekend, of course,) and travel more to other popular races since there’s so [...]


You know what brings tears of joy to a planner addict’s eyes? Getting not just one but TWO full boxes (and a bag) full of paper and markers and stickers, oh my! Hold on. Let me back up a second. You know what brings FLOODS of tears of joy to a planner addict’s eyes? Winning [...]


Run the Year 2018 Update!

Oh, how I love being a guest on Heather Jergensen’s Running with Grace channel! I get to chat with a friend and then say goodbye, with her doing all the editing. Sort of like how grandparents get to play with grandchildren and hand them back to Mom and Dad when they have dirty drawers, lol. [...]