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Goals & Motivation

August’s Ultimate Coffee Date

Wow. August already! It must be because Bob and I are in the truck at this very moment, heading to the beach for a much-needed vacation. I’m super excited but a small part of me is discouraged … Today I’m linking up with Coco & Deborah, Got2Run4Me, and Confessions of a Mother Runner! If we [...]


You know what warms my heart and makes me smile? When someone shares how Joyful Miles has inspired them to live a healthier life, making all of our hard work worth it. Well, the following guest post by Joshua Bierwiler has given us a lifetime’s worth of warm fuzzies and smiles. Keep reading to learn [...]


Accountability Quest: Third Quarter Goals

Hmm, how did I do with my Second Quarter Goals? Well, I sucked. Big time. And it’s not that I haven’t been working hard. My daily to-do lists have been thoroughly attacked, but still, as far as my goals go, I hadn’t accomplished squat. Well, I did heal, thank God! That’s a major biggie! I’m so grateful [...]


How to Quit Smoking: Extreme Style

How to Quit Smoking: Extreme Style

I used to smoke. A long, long time ago. Growing up, everybody in my family smoked. My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older cousins, everybody. So for me, it wasn’t a matter of will I smoke, but when will I start? Which, of course, is complete bull crap seeing as how my brother never picked up [...]


48 Things I’ve learned in the past 48 Years

48 Things I've Learned in the past 48 Years

It’s my birthday today, woo-HOO! Wow. I’m now forty-eight, only two years away from the big 5-o. I don’t feel forty-eight, however. I feel youthful and vibrant … because, yeah, that’s what my age and all others are supposed to feel like! So while I’m hardly perfect and make mistakes daily, I’m having some fun today by [...]

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Disney’s Virtual Shorts and My 50th runDisney Medal!

Registration is now open for this summer’s runDisney Virtual Shorts series! Last year, I did not register for their inaugural series due to issues I had with wording on their website regarding how the Leukemia society would benefit. I had lost a dear friend to leukemia, so it hit me wrong. But I must admit. [...]