runDisney Registrations … aka, I’m Broke!

runDisney registration season has hit me hard, folks! First Jackey and I signed up for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon: Two Course Challenge back in June. Then a few weeks ago, we  both registered for the WDW Full Marathon … which reminds me. I added another tip to my runDisney budgeting post:

The Joyful Miles Podcast

Podcast Episode 52: Listener Questions

It’s a Q&A day! Jackey and Laura answer questions from listeners, subscribers, readers, and members of the Joyful Miles Running Club. Our apologies if we’ve missed any – please send your question again and we’ll answer it directly as well as in a future episode! Thanks for listening and have a joyful day!

Accountability Quest: My 2018 Second Quarter Goals

Accountability Quest: My 2018 Second Quarter Goals!

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having an amazing weekend and are gearing up for an even better week. I’m actually writing this on Saturday as a way to procrastinate getting to work on video and blog recaps from Disney’s 2018 Princess Half Marathon back in February. Must. Finish. Those. SOON! I’m delaying since my footage …

Beachbody’s 80 Day Obsession: The before pictures!

*I’m still playing catch up, here, since we lost power due to high winds at the beach over the past couple of days! Okay, let’s do this. By this, I mean me taking the plunge and sharing my Beachbody 80 Day Obsession “Before” photos even though every instinct is begging me to please, please, FOR …

The Joyful Miles Podcast

Podcast Episode 37: Our 2018 Goals and Listener Questions

This week we talk about some of our goals for 2018, and the importance of goal setting. We also answer some listener questions from our Joyful Mile Running Club members. Not a member yet? Click on the link and ask to be added. It’s that easy, and it’s a lot of fun! Also, if you’d like …