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We love everything there is to love about Disney! Disney World, Disneyland, Disney movies, and of course, Walt himself. Here\’s where we share tips, stories, and our favorites related to anything started by a mouse.

For those of us with hefty runDisney addictions … yep, that’s me, and nope, I don’t plan on quitting any time soon … runDisney registration season for 2019 races begins this week! But a popular question we’re often asked is … how can we afford multiple races per year? Well, speaking for myself … thank [...]

The Joyful Miles Podcast

May the Fourth be with you! We are back from the 2018 Dark Side Half Marathon, and we are talking all about it. They talk about where they stayed, race transportation, and of course the Expo! Rob shares his experience running the First Order Challenge, and the ladies share their experience cheering for the 10K. [...]


Happy Monday! Last week, I chatted about our Princess Half Marathon arrival day. Next up, the Fit for a Princess Expo! We woke fairly early on Thursday considering how late we were up the night prior. (After Shannon arrived, we were too excited to sleep and chatted instead!) Our plans were to eat breakfast at [...]

Disney's 2018 Princess Half Marathon Weekend: Arrival Day!

Okay, I have eight days until runDisney’s Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend. Only EIGHT DAYS and I have quite the hefty to-do list going on, which includes getting all of my 2018 Princess Half Marathon content finished! Yikes! The reasons for my delay are: I spent a lot of my non-work hours in [...]


If you’ve followed along so far with our 2018 runDisney WDW Marathon Weekend Dopey Challenge adventure, then you know it was QUITE the challenge due to training, bad weather, many early mornings, and a bit of anxiety. (Thank goodness for the many laughs in between, the reason why we keep doing these races!) Some you’ll [...]


runDisney’s 2018 WDW Marathon Weekend: The WDW Half Marathon

runDisney's 2018 WDW Marathon Weekend: The WDW Half Marathon

I have never been one to care about running in costumes, it was just never something that was important to me. However, if you know anything about Laura and Jackey, they make it part of the whole race experience. It’s actually pretty amazing that I held out for as long as I did. Except for [...]