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Blogging Tips

#WeRunSocial Princess Half Marathon Meetup!

Today, folks, is a lesson on confidence and how when someone hands you a plate full of opportunity … you should take the darn plate, rather than hiding your stinky self in bed. Yes, I’m talking about the 2017 #WeRunSocial Princess Half Marathon Meetup at Disney’s Polynesian resort … the one I came *thisclose* to [...]


100 Blog Post Ideas for Running & Fitness Bloggers

When we started Joyful Miles, our intention was to inspire others to enjoy life, one mile at a time. Well, after some deep reflection and a review of past blog posts, I realize we haven’t quite met our mark. There’s still so much I want to talk about, especially now that I’m still on the road to [...]


How to Get Great Race Photos and Video for Recaps

Anyone who’s visited our Joyful Miles YouTube Channel knows how much I adore creating video race recaps! Not only are they a great way to preserve your running memories, they’re also helpful to those who want to learn about the race you completed. So for those who are interested in making their own recaps, here’s my best tips for getting [...]