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Training Update: Vision Boards and Other Visual Ways to Stay Motivated

Happy Saturday, everyone! Heather Jergensen from the Running with Grace channel and I are just rolling along with Vlogtober. For Day 20 yesterday, I shared a quick training update … which includes me not being able to run due to my orthodics causing me knee pain and needing to be adjusted. I’ve also been feeling some other pain that has me concerned and I’ll be discussing with my doctor next Tuesday.

For now, I shared some visual ways that I stay motivated with my favorite being my Vision Board that hangs in my gym. I made it through Shutterfly, although I should have gone with a smaller size since finding a frame to fit it has been difficult. [click to continue…]

Joyful Miles Podcast

We finally have heard the news. After months of speculation, runDisney has announced that is putting it’s Disneyland races on hiatus indefinitely, effective for 2018. Beyond that? It’s anyone’s guess. Obviously, we have to chime in with what we think. So Jackey and I got together to talk about it this week. Be sure to listen and let us know your feelings about no more Disneyland races. You can find us by clicking on any of the links below.

If you haven’t already subscribed, be sure you do so that you don’t miss a single episode! Also, take a moment and leave us a review on itunes, those really help us. Thanks for all of your support, and have a joyful day! [click to continue…]

My Running and Racing Bucket (and Anti-Bucket) List with a runDisney Twist!

Back in January, I shared my racing and running limits … things I have absolutely no interest in doing, my “anti-bucket list.” Of course, back then I was injured and not able to run. So for Day 18 of Vlogtober with Heather Jergensen, I thought I’d chat about this list and if my thoughts are still the same or have I changed my mind?

And to twist things up some more, what if runDisney offered the following races, would my answer still be no? Let’s jump in and find out! [click to continue…]

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Tips for runDisney's Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend

Heather Jergensen from the Running with Grace channel and I are now over the halfway mark for Vlogtober! And seeing as how many of us are gearing up for runDisney’s 2017 Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend, I shared a tips video on Monday and today, Heather will be following this up by going through the Official Digital Event Guide.

If you’ll be in Disneyland for Super Heroes, we’ll be having a joint Joyful Miles, Running with Grace, and YouTuber Kimberly Estabrook Meet-Up at Trader Sam’s on Thursday, November 9th at 5:00pm. It’s right by the Disneyland Hotel – a quick walk from the expo. We’d love to see you there! [click to continue…]


If you’re a runDisney fan, then you know that the hottest runDisney topic right now is the future of runDisney races in Disneyland. There’s plenty of rumors and speculation ranging from no races for two years to no more half marathons – only 5ks and 10ks, and worse … no more races in Disneyland at all.

That last rumor would be AWFUL, since runDisney races in Disneyland are amazing! So if there’s a chance that this is the last one, we’re even more motivated to make the absolute most out of the Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend. I’m talking fun costumes, lots of laughs, and taking our sweet time in race, getting tons of pictures and doing another another… [click to continue…]


Having serious computer issues while taking on a YouTube challenge such as Vlogtober is seriously not fun. My poor computer needs love and attention from my computer guy, (and a new drive since it’s bursting at the seams,) but I’m hoping it can hang in there until November. When I’m at Disneyland for the Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend, it, (and me,) can lighten up our content production and take a break! [click to continue…]