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Accountability Quest: Goals for Wine & Dine Half Marathon


I’ve recently participated in a training call where it was stated that “if you don’t write your goals down and have a plan, it’s just a dream”. Not that I find anything wrong with dreaming – it’s the stuff great things are made of. I’ll go back to the famous quote associated with Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”  [click to continue…]

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WDW Marathon Weekend Medal Reveal! | runDisney

WDW Marathon Weekend Medal Reveal 2016

runDisney has revealed their medals for January’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, which includes a 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon, the Goofy Challenge, Dopey Challenge, kids races, and the Castaway Cay Challenge medal! I must confess: that Dopey medal makes me wish I had just upgraded from Goofy to Dopey. But I’m so excited about doing another Goofy Challenge with Megan, and that gorgeous full marathon medal sure will look pretty on my medal rack! [click to continue…]


2016-disney-face-pictureThis was my second Disneyland Half Marathon, and I will say that the weather in 2016 was definitely better. The humidity was low and the temperatures were great for running – especially after the heat and humidity of the East Coast summer. My friends were giddy with excitement for round 2 of the Disney Double-Dare Half Marathon Weekend while I on the other hand was was trying to psych myself up for 13+ miles. It was another one of those moments where the voice in my head was asking “Why do I do these things?”  Nevertheless, I quickly got ready and headed out. As you are aware, the outcome of your race depends on several things, but primarily weather, race preparation (training) and mental state (attitude), and I was clearly struggling on two of those three fronts.

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What’s been up on YouTube!

What's been up on our YouTube!

Things have been hopping lately over at our Joyful Miles YouTube channel, thanks to our awesome runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon experience! And I have lots more video recaps and Jammin’ On The Run sessions to edit and post. So grab a cup of coffee or beverage of choice and head on over. We love having company!  [click to continue…]


Disneyland 10K Race Recap | runDisney


The theme for this year’s Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend was “dynamic duos,” and while we are more than a duo, the precipice for my desire to run this weekend was for the opportunity to be reunited with my Joyful Miles cohorts. Well, that and the lure of a Coast to Coast medal.

That was really my only expectation.

I had been to Disneyland only once before, and thought, “It’s okay, but it’s no Florida.” That sentiment carried over with my expectation of Disneyland’s version of a race. Little did I know that both preconceptions would prove most egregious, and this idea of “one and done” certainly would not last long. [click to continue…]


Disneyland Country Bears 5k 2016 Race Recap | runDisney

Disneyland Country Bears 5k 2016 Race Recap

Happy Tuesday! Continuing with our Disneyland Half Marathon recaps that Laura started with the Expo, the two of us recently completed the Disneyland Country Bears 5k and I have to say: This is one of my ALL-TIME favorite runDisney races and I’m so excited to share my experience! [click to continue…]