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My 70th runDisney Medal!


Hmm, good things happen when you do some blog clean up work late on a Saturday night. Like finding completed blog post drafts that you never published like this one!

I mean, seriously. How could I miss posting about my 70th medal post?

And the better question is … wow, I’ve earned 70 runDisney medals in the past five years? How is this possible? (Well, the tally went up to 72 after I ran two races at the 2019 WDW Marathon Weekend, but let’s forget about them for now.) Instead, in the spirit of better late than never, here’s a runDisney tag video I did last December where I chat about my medals and pick my favorites!

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You know what brings tears of joy to a planner addict’s eyes? Getting not just one but TWO full boxes (and a bag) full of paper and markers and stickers, oh my!

Hold on. Let me back up a second.

You know what brings FLOODS of tears of joy to a planner addict’s eyes? Winning a very generous $250.00 Erin Condren gift card from Jen over at Pretty Neat Living!! I’m telling you. That was a good day. A very good day!

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I’m so excited about jumping into the Fridays with Fairytales and Fitness Blog Link Up after meeting Lacey at the 2019 Cigna Blogger Event! More on that soon. Until then, be sure to check out Lacey’s recap!

Now. About runDisney’s 2019 marathon weekend. I had TONS of awesome moments and laughs … far too many to list in one post! So for now, here’s my …

Five Favorite Moments from runDisney’s 2019 WDW Marathon Weekend

(I’m excluding the finish line because that’s just too easy, lol!)

1.) Our joint meet up with Heather Jergensen, Kimberly Estabrook, and Gerald from RezRuns!

The fact that so many folks took time away from their busy vacations to visit with us and each other fills me with gratitute. What a total blessing!

2.) Spending time with my race gals and guys!

I couldn’t imagine this weekend without Jackey, Jennalyn, Leslie, Stephen, (my hero,) Nicki, Kaitlin, Christopher Savio … who’s a total blast to run with, Stefan from Germany, our Liner pals Sage, Anna, Amy, Jason, and Deb, Gerald, Heather and Kimberly … best YT buddies ever, and new friends like John and Derrick who had me laughing so hard on Monday night that I almost peed my pants!

Well, maybe I kind of did. 😉

3.) Karaoke at Kimonos!

So. Much. Fun. And the perfect way to top off our Sunday although being up for nearly 24 hours didn’t help my singing much!

Well, nothing can. #vocallychallenged 😉

4.) Riding Expedition Everest! This video says it all…

5.) Everyone who said hello to us throughout the weekend!

You just don’t know how much it warms our hearts when people take the time to say hello, whether in the parks, at the expo, or on the course. YOU are the reason why we do this and we’re so grateful!!

So yeah. This year’s marathon weekend was a TOTAL blast and I still feel like an exhausted bundle of emotion mush! Stay tuned for lots more on this topic here, on our YouTube channel, and podcast.

And for everyone who completed a race or challenge last weekend, CONGRATULATIONS, you are a rockstar!!

2018 Year of Bling Tag!

It’s time once again to chat about the medals we earned in 2018 with a Year of Bling Tag! Many thanks those who have also participated. We loved seeing your medals!

Heather Jergensen
Kimberly Estabrook
Rice Rice Runner
Run Run Rosie

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Joyful Miles Podcast

Happy holidays, everyone! In today’s episode, we’re sharing a lovely chat with Amy Kentner, owner of Roadrunner Enterprises and a pacer at runDisney’s upcoming WDW Marathon. Her positive energy and spirit will surely get everyone in her 05:15 group over that finish line! Enjoy and thanks for listening! 

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I must be on a lucky streak. I swear I’m someone who doesn’t win anything and in December, I’ve won three things. I donated blood through Unyts and received a phone call the following day letting me know I won two tickets to the Buffalo Sabres game. I also won a free pair of sunglasses from Carlee Mcdott’s 12 days of Christmas giveaway. (Thank you Carlee!) And finally, I won a pair of Aftershokz Trekz Air wireless headphones. Can you believe it??

How did I win? I follow Bibrave on Twitter and saw one evening they were having a Bibchat. This is something they do weekly. (I didn’t know this at the time). During the Bibchat,  they ask six questions over the course of an hour. The questions usually have to do with running and whatever company is giving away the prize that week. That week it was Aftershokz. I wasted all of my answers and I won!! They notified me I could pick out color of the headphones and they’d mail to me. I couldn’t wait to try them.

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