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Taking the Dread out of Treadmill Running

Confession: I’m one of those weirdos who actually enjoys running on a treadmill. I mean, what’s not to love? The weather is always perfect, there’s no need to layer up, carry tons of water, or slather on sunscreen, you don’t have to worry about traffic, and there’s a bathroom in close proximity. Sounds like perfect winter running gear to me!

Okay, a treadmill is not gear. Technically. But seeing as how today’s topic for the Tuesdays on the Run blog link up hosted by My No Guilt Life, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and MCM Mama Runs is favorite winter gear, I’m calling it mine. So for some tips on how to take the DREAD out of treadmill, read on! [click to continue…]


How to Train for your First 5k

How to Train for your First 5k

Ah, the lovely 5k. With all my big running goals and runDisney multi-race challenge obsession, I sometimes forget just how perfect this little gem of a race is. How much do I love thee 5k? Let me count the ways.

  • As long as you maintain a base fitness level, you can always answer “yes” when a friend calls and says, “Hey, wanna do a fun 5k with me this weekend?” (Had they asked, “Wanna do a marathon?” Yeah. Not so much.)
  • They are reasonably priced, often benefit a charity, and sometimes you get a medal.
  • They don’t hog up your whole Saturday or require much if any recovery time.

So for those who are planning on running their very first gem of a 5k or have made it a goal for 2017, here’s a list of tips and suggestions! [click to continue…]

Recover, Run, Rejoice:

Not to sound super whiny or anything … but my year so far hasn’t been great. Between a nasty sinus infection that still has me hacking up funny things and a migraine, I’ve been mostly sick. And stressed, since my husband is getting a hip replacement next Tuesday and we’re SO NOT prepared!

Add to this the fact that the 2017 Princess Half Marathon is now less than SIX WEEKS AWAY and <<disclosure time>> I’m in horrible shape. As in, not able to walk to my mailbox let alone 13.1 miles from still feeling sick and toxic. But I refuse to freak out … much. Instead, I slowly climbed back on the wagon last Friday as a part of my yearlong Recover, Run, Rejoice plan. [click to continue…]

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When we started Joyful Miles, our intention was to inspire others to enjoy life, one mile at a time. Well, after some deep reflection and a review of past blog posts, I realize we haven’t quite met our mark. There’s still so much I want to talk about, especially now that I’m still on the road to recovery from an 2016 injury!

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of blog topics for running or fitness bloggers as inspiration. And seeing as how the Tuesdays on the Run Blog Link up hosted by My No Guilt Life, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and MCM Mama Runs is full of bloggers, I’m linking up with them as well. Enjoy and happy 2017 blogging! [click to continue…]


Orange Theory Fitness-my first month

Quick disclaimer: first, I will post before and after pics in a swimsuit. Some may think  “she looked fine before” some may think “she shouldn’t own a bikini”. The point is to really SHOW you the results not just tell you. 

Also I don’t work for orange theory or get anything for this review though a nice new water bottle would be sweet.  Just my own personal experience. 

On with the story… [click to continue…]


Start Where You Stand: Looking forward to 2017

Happy (almost) New Year, everyone! I have to admit: sometimes around this time of year, I focus more on what I haven’t accomplished instead of what I have. If you suffer from the same regretful regret, then you know what? Forget it. Let’s both wipe the slate together and look forward to having an AMAZING 2017 instead! [click to continue…]