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Now that there’s only seven more days … SEVEN MORE DAYS, as in ONE WEEK until the Disneyland Half Marathon, I’m even more excited then I was three weeks ago!

Of course, I’m nowhere near ready after spending most of the summer renovating an Ocean City fixer-upper with my husband and then enjoying a nice, long vacation this August. (I chat about my OC running adventures in this video.) So now I’m in a mad rush to put together my race costumes, get caught up with a TON of work, finish a massive to-do list, pack for California, and do research about the Disneyland Half Marathon and write a tips blog post before heading back to the beach for one last renovation weekend.

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Jammin' on the Run: Our new weekly chat on YouTube!

I really LOVE YouTube! And while our channel is nowhere near perfected yet, I’ve been having a total blast filming vlogs, making race recaps, learning more about YouTube, and trying new things.

One of which is Jammin’ On The Run, our new weekly feature where we chat about running, runDisney, Disney, and anything else that pops in our head!

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Chicago & Baltimore Marathon Training Update: Weeks 10 & 11

Our summer has been both insane and awesome. Awesomely insane. The insanity comes from my husband deciding to purchase a fixer-upper at Ocean City with a friend… and by fixer-upper, I mean complete dump! We’re talking mold, mildew, and structural damage, oh my. But the awesome is how he’s turned total crap to total GORGEOUS in only seven weekends, with me joining him for about half of them … which has meant lots of driving, LOTS of work, and lots of disruptions from the norm.

And for me, more than a few missed long runs. [click to continue…]

Joyful Miles Running Jam - what we listen to do get our groove on!

We all have our ‘jam,’ that one song that makes our pulse quicken and wakes our soul. For runners, having a playlist full of jams is everything … and at times, the difference between a good run and a great one. For me, I listen to everything from Broadway show tunes to podcasts while running. But for runDisney races, I listen to my surroundings – park music, chatter from other runners, pounding footsteps – rather than songs from my playlist.

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Good luck to all who are registering for the runDisney Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend today! None of us from Joyful Miles is registering, although Megan and I really, REALLY want to do Dapper Day at Disney World! But we’ll be cheering on all participants from home. [click to continue…]


Broadway Songs for Running

My favorite Broadway Songs for Running! What's yours?

In my alternate universe, I am a Broadway dancer. (I would say Broadway star, but anyone who’s heard me sing knows that’s a stretch, even in fantasy.) But I love everything there is to love about Broadway. The music. The singing. The genius sets and brilliant playwrights who bring magic to the stage and mostly, those amazing songs perfect for running! [click to continue…]